Monday, 26 December 2011

Long Time, No See

What Up Peeps!!!

  It's been soo long....too long, hasn't it?! A lot has happened to me over the course of these past 5 months that if I was to even tell you all of the details, you probably wouldn't even believe me. Well, I will keep this brief, for it is alot! 

  First and foremost, I got a haircut! Short and sweet! I like it alot-I gotta say! Here's a photo of me and my new haircut:

        Second of all, I got a job at JC Penny! It's temporary, but that's ok because it's my first job EVER!! ;-)

  I just went to the eye doctor on Wednesday, and with the luck of my Dad's insurance, I get to have 2 NEW SPECS!!!! Totally awesome!!!!

  During these 5 months, I've been doing alot of soul searching. You know, finding myself, loving myself, and getting to know myself alot better. A huge event had happened to me over the summer that had changed me for the better! (Thank Allah!) That's all I can say on that portion of change in me! 

  Peeps, I hope you are all doing well and Happy Holidays! I'm gonna try to write to you more frequently-I've just been really busy lately! :-)

*Remember*~The book should be a ball of light in one's hand.

Your "Changed" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Monday, 3 October 2011


What Up Peeps!!!

    POEM BACKGROUND: This poem is written by my friend when we were in the 8th grade. It's really a break-up poem. As you read this, take note of her questions. Keep in mind that we were only in the 8th grade at the time! Here's her poem "So"! Enjoy!!

So all I am is what
to you?
So you go behind my
back and talk *spit*
bout me?
Thats all right yea
thats fine Im'a find
me a man thats all
But the question is why
am I the one that crys?
Why are you the one
that always lies.
So why am I the one that
But the[n] gets hurt
Broken Heart
no dude to hold
But thats alright thats ok
I dont need you anyway Ima
be just fine w/ a man
thats all mine.

By: Young Breezy
So, what did you think of this poem? I found it interesting that she speaks of finding a man when she was only in the 8th grade! For me, relationships wasn't that big when I was in the 8th grade. I mean, I had crushes, but there wasn't anything major in my love life at the time. (besides my 1st boyfriend! :-) )

Well, if you have any poetry and you wanna see it here, you know where to find me! I'll talk to you guys later!

*Remember*~You are offered the dream of a lifetime. Say yes!

Your "Poetic" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Sunday, 21 August 2011


What Up Peeps!!!

So, I do remember discussing with you my decision on whether or not to get a Tumblr. Well, over the course of this summer, I decided to get one!

Tumblr is amazing!!! I have met some great people on there that share the common interests that I have!! Such interests are The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg, Saturday Night Live, and so forth! Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you at all! I still update this blog once every two, I'm still here!

Of course, you can follow me on Tumblr......but beware! EVERYTHING that I post up on Tumblr IS about Andy Samberg! I will have my Tumblr link up for you guys to look at on the right side of this blog after I finish writing this post! So that way you guys can check up on how my Andy craze has been!!

Well, Peeps, I hope you guys have a nice night! I'll talk to you guys later!!

Your "Tumblr Crazed" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Friday, 5 August 2011

Shark Week=Me Gusta!

Whats Up Peeps!!!

Yes! This week is the 24th Annual Shark Week!!! And guess who's hosting it?! MY HUSBAND!!!! EEEEPPPP!!! So, of course you know I had to wet my beak on this action!!! Last night, they premiered Shark City-which had my Andy ALL OVER IT!!! It was an amazing episode!!! I'm learning alot about sharks along the process!! This whole week, I'm doing a Shark Week Tweet Fest!! You can follow me on Twitter here:
I LOVE tweeting about major events-and this Shark Week is a major event!! Seeing my Andy all drenched in ocean water with his cool red sunglasses while learning about Sharks is definitely how I like to end this summer with! My favorite shark is the Nurse Shark because they are like puppies that want to be played with!! Nurse Sharks are actually very friendly!!! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer!! Later Days!! :-)

Your "Shark-Lovin" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Red Rose

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: I had written this poem when I was a Sophomore in High School. It was during this time I had my first Arizona boyfriend. You know him as Andrew Craven. Here's the poem "Red Rose"! Enjoy!!


Red Rose

Thorns to protect you
from harm~
I am you.

Needs sunlight and water
to live~
I am you.

Needs attention from
it's features~
I am you.

Needs love and care~
I am you.

Has sprouted coils of
red pedals~
I am you.

Is a symbol of
love and beauty~
I am you.

Is now full of
color and life~
I am you.

Is now in love~
I am finally you.

Written By:
Saidah Kamaria Wilson
~Princess Caspian~


Thoughts? I had found this poem of mine super cute! But, to be perfectly honest with you, all my life, I've never truly been in love before. So, what I thought was love in this poem, is just infatuation and hormones. {Oui! There go them hormones again!} Me and Andrew had broken up after two months of going out. I broke it off because our relationship was going nowhere!

As of right now, I have Andrew on my FB. We talk occasionally. We remain really good friends! I gotta say, out of all the boyfriends that I've had {ahem, 3 in total}, I can honestly say that me and Andrew's relationship remains strong and untainted. And I'm thankful for that!

Status Update: OMSNL!!! I'm addicted to Cinemagraphs!!! ;-)

Well Peeps! I gotta go! Stay Sweet!!

*Remember*~If you want it....take it.

Your "Obsessed With Love" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer

Whats Up Peeps!!!

Well, this summer thus far has been filled with LAZINESS!!! Lately, I've been filling out applications to places upon places and yet no call from any of them! :-( On top of the laziness, both of my parents are working day shift. So, that leaves me to watch my sibs everyday all day besides the weekends when my parents are off from work! Yeah, talk about your lazy days, huh! So, to occupy my time, I've been reading, texting, and watching LOADS of tv!

This book that I'm reading now is called The Debutante Divorcee. OMSNL this book is sooo good! It's absolutely elegant like me! LOSNL!! I don't want to spoil anything for you, so, I'll just have to let you read it to find out what it's all about!

Status Update: I'm completely obsessed with the Truth Quiz on FB!! I've found some shocking answers from my fellow friends on FB!!!

Today, I have woken up to a gorgeous day here in Arizona.....and yet, I have to stay inside and watch my laziness grow into an amoeba! It sucks, no doubt about that! O yeah! Before I go, I have to tell you that I will be moving into a new house after this month! I'm super stoked about it!!! It's up in Surprise, AZ. This house that we will be moving into is an upgrade from the one we are living in now!! I can't wait to see that house again!!

Well Peeps, there's an America's Next Top Model marathon on Bravo that is just calling my name! I'll talk to you guys later!!!

*Remember*~Assert yourself, your ideas are worthwhile.

Your "LAZY" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Official Mrs. Samberg~

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


What Up Peeps!!!

Yes! You've heard it from me! I am OFFICIALLY done with high school! My Graduation was yesterday! O God it was amazing!!! My Cap and Gown was purple. My graduation was held at Millennium High School's football field. Yes, I graduated with Millennium's Class of 2011. Had I have stayed at North Canyon High School, I would've graduated with North Canyon's Class of 2011. Had I have stayed at Shadow Mountain High School, I would've graduated with Shadow Mountain's Class of 2011. Had I have went to Ben Davis High School, I would've graduated with Ben Davis's Class of 2011. Needless to say, I've went to 3 different high schools in my life and I just so happen to graduate at my 3rd high school-no regrets!

I was definatly nervous as I went up to accept my diploma! As we threw our caps in the air, memories of my high school life played in my head as they played our Graduation song "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. As one of my best friends came up to me, with tears in her eyes, and hugged me, I cried! That's when everything had hit hard for me! This is it! I couldn't believe it.

Status Update: I would like to thank my family sooooooooo much for all the love and support they have given me, for me to make it thus far! And I'm not only talking about my family that I'm living with! I'm also talking about my family in Indiana! I love you guys soooooooooo much!!!!

There will be pictures of my graduation and prom to come! Stay tuned!!! :-)

*Remember*~An enjoyable vacation is awaiting you.

Your "Graduated" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Official Mrs. Samberg~

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Everything Above

What up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This is another piece to my dear inspirations' poems. Let me remind you that she was in the 8th grade at the time. So, bare with her here! Here's her poem "Everything Above"! Enjoy!!

Everything Above

The biggest mistake Ive ever
was leaving you
Everybody knows I love you
and you love me too
So what was I thinkin
I dont know
though another guy could
make me happy
But I relized he cant
Not the way you do
Your the key that unlocks me
That truley pleases me
You give me everything I
need.......your love and
Everything Above

Written By: Young Breezy AKA Lauren Harris

I find this poem highly cute! We all go through these love trials from when we're young to now-a-days! It's crazy what love can do to us!

Status Update: I did not make it through the Talent Show! But that's ok because I had a great learning experience from it! And I'm now starting to get more comfortable singing in from of people! :-)

I'm trying new ideas out for this blog......starting with this "Status Update" idea! I have to keep you guys up-to-date with my life along with my talents! So, do like the Status Update idea? Or are you tired of the "Facebook Feel"?! If you have any ideas on how to put a little more pizazz onto my blog, please comment and I shall try! And if you want any of your poems published on my blog, you know where to find me!

Well Peeps, it's 4 in the morning (RANDOM THOUGHT: OMSNL! That just reminded me of Gwen Stafani's song "4 In The Morning"!!!! I love that song!) and I best be heading off! Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! I'll tty guys later!!

Your "Staying Up Late" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Official Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Talent Show Ordeal

What Up Peeps!!!
So, all this past week, I've been feeling nothing but anxiety running through my veins! Why? Because my school, Millennium High School, is doing a TALENT SHOW!!!! You know I had to get my paws on this action! So, I signed up for an audition this past Thursday at 3:30 p.m.
The audition went great! Though I was nervous as heck, I had put my game face on, and did what I had to do! I sang Dido's song Here With Me! I sang it great! And guess what?! I DIDN'T FORGET THE LYRICS!! Cool Beans!! Now, I'm waiting for the results....which is on Monday!
I really hope I made it in! All fingers crossed! Well, I gotta go! I'll talk to you Peeps later! O! Don't forget, there's a new SNL episode tonight! The Host and Musical Guest is Elton John! It's gonna be great! Have a nice night everyone!
*Remember*~An admirer is concealing their affection for you.
Your "Hopeful" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Under Construction

What Up Peeps!!!

As you can see, I had put up a new template for this blog! I hope you like it! My goal is to change it about once a month so that way I won't bore you guys with the same thing. And you know, that's how it is with blogs-you gotta keep your audience entertained, not only with your words, but also your blogs' presence. And yes-most of the new templates that I'll display for you will be of Andy and/or The Lonely Island!!! :-)

Another new surprise for you guys is that I will try my hardest not to make these blog posts too long! I wanna start making shorter posts so that way it'll be easier to read without losing interests!

Just last night, a crazy idea popped into my head: Why don't I get a Tumblr?! So, I was making my account for it and then all of the sudden, Tumblr's website started to act jank! I figured that it was a sign, so I deleted my account and decided to pizazz this blog, my ONLY blog! In the end, I'm glad I didn't get a Tumblr! It's hard enough keeping up with this one!! LOSNL!!

Thank you again Peeps for sticking with me even when these posts get boring! ;-)

*Remember*~Adjust finances-make budgets, to improve your financial standing.

Your "New and Improved" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Life (Being Perfect)

What Up Peeps!!!
POEM BACKGROUND: I had written this poem when I was in 8th grade. It's a bit rough, to say the least! But at least it shows my earlier work as a poet! This poem is basically about how I make it through the day trying to make everything right. So, sit back and enjoy my poem "Life (Being Perfect)"!
Life (Being Perfect)
My life is far from perfect.
Things go wrong everyday.
I try to make everything.....
But, in the end,
things go wrong.
I try making straight A's;
I try being the best trombone
player in school;
I try being the best big sister for
my 1 yr. old brother & my 10 yr. old
I even try to be the best student
any teacher could ever have.
Sometimes, it works;
don't get me wrong;
Matter of fact;
it does work.
But, it's very hard to achieve it
A lot of things are thrown into
my life right now.
I'm going to be moving on May 30th;
I'm going to a new school;
With new friends;
And new weather.
I can't say that I'm not going to
try to be perfect;
Because I am going to try to be
And I'm gonna let the whole world
know it.
Wish me luck!
I'm gonna need it!
Written By:
Saidah Wilson
So, what are your thoughts on this poem?! Well, one thing is for sure: I was a little obsessed with semi-colons on this poem! But, it's all good! I think this poem is really cute! I like how I have so much confidence in myself! And yes, I was a goody-good back then! I still am today! This poem was written right before I moved here to Arizona! But, believe me, my poetry has gotten way better since then! I can't wait to show you guys my latest poems! I've had so much time to myself lately to write some really good and profound poems! So, keep a look-out for those! If you are a poet and would love to see your poem on this blog, you can email me here:
Or, if you go to Millennium High School, you can just talk to me about it!!
Well Peeps, I better go! There's a new SNL episode tonight and I can't wait to see it! Plus, I'm having tacos tonight!! Cool Beans!! Goodnight everyone!!
*Remember*~Be calm and collected, peace is a virtue.
Your "Excited" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 19 February 2011

During our trip to Flagstaff
2 years ago, I had taken pictures
of the scenery with the snow! Here
is a picture of snow starting to
form rapidly:

I like how this picture forms
a diagonal type shape across
the frame! It's quite nice!
Here's this same picture, only
in a Tileable Blur setting (RLE):

This setting blured the picture
horizontally! This next picture
is also of snow on the ground-
only this time, it's much thicker:

O how this it was!! LOSNL!!
Here's the same picture-only
in a Antialias setting:
It doesn't look like much
has happened with this setting,
but you can tell that it's a
little different! This next
picture I had taken in the car.
You can tell because it looks
like the trees are swaying! But,
it adds a great effect to it:
I love this picture! It takes
the whole meaning of 'the world
is passing you by' to a whole
deeper meaning! Here's this
same picture in a Deinterlace
setting (odds):
This picture as well isn't
quite noticeable with the
change! This last set of
pictures that I wanna show
you is of a snow mound! It
practically covers a sign: was alotta snow
that day!! LOSNL!!! Here's
this same picture in a
Deinterlace setting (evens):

I hope you've enjoyed these
pictures!! There will be more
to come in the near future! ;-)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

My Committment to Andy Samberg

What Up Peeps!!!

So, you know by now that I have loved Andy for a whole YEAR now! This is a world record considering the fact that I've been bouncing from celebrity-to-celebrity from time to time over the past 4 years! For the record, Andy is the longest celebrity crush I've ever had! (he totally surpassed Mitchel Musso, who was the 2nd longest celebrity crush I ever had!) So, it should not be such a surprise that Andy and I got married right after my 18th birthday!! :-)

RELAX Peeps!! This is ALL pretend! LOSNL!!! (But, God do I wish it were real!) Yes! We had gotten married on a Sunday, on December 12th, 2010! It had to be on a Sunday because that Saturday night, there was a new Saturday Night Live episode! And since it was live, he was out there in New York! But once the episode had ended, he had traveled back to Arizona to meet up with me! I like to tell people that we got married on a boat like a boss!!! :-) Which we did!! We were on the Pacific Ocean going towards Hawaii! It was a beautiful wedding! There were LOADS of A-List stars there! The rest of The Lonely Island crew had to be there! My family and close friends were there too! It was amazing! Hanifa and Kelsey Abel were among my bridesmaids! Their dresses were to die for along with my wedding dress! :-) And Andy looked soo handsome as we exchanged rings and said our vows! It was, indeed, a wonderful wedding!

I had to turn 18 before I married Andy-otherwise, it would have been illegal! (remember: Andy is 32!) So, you see Peeps, this is all symbolizing my commitment to Andy! Andy is my permanent #1 celebrity crush, and will stay like that! Yeah, sure there are other cute male celebrities, but, my heart belongs with Andy. Andy Samberg! My Andy!! I love him sooo much! :-) He makes me smile every time I think about him! He is the only guy I will have a crush on until my soul mate enters my life! O how I love to love! O! And that does explain why my nickname had changed from "~Mrs. Samberg~" to "~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~" !! :-)

Well Peeps, I gotta go! O! Before I go, there is a NEW SNL (Saturday Night Live) episode tonight and next Saturday! You should totally see it! It comes on on NBC at 10:30 pm-12:00 am (Western Time)/ 11:00 pm-12:30 am (Eastern Time)!!! Have a great weekend Peeps!!

*Remember*~ Life is a play. It's not its length, but its performance that counts.

Your "Committed" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Monday, 17 January 2011

My New Year's Resolution

What Up Peeps!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!! Yes! It is finally 2011! Time for new changes, new outlook, and a new hope! Did you guys make your New Years Resolution? Well, as you may know, I did! My last year's Resolution had worked ALL THE WAY UP TO December.....and then I kinda broke it! But, that's a whole 'nother' story! This New Year's Resolution is different! It's sentimental and serious! But, before I tell you, let me get you geared up for why I'm making this New Year's Resolution special!

Well, as some of you may know, when it comes to love, bad luck strikes me every time! Including last semester, when I thought I had found love.....twice! I'd rather not go into detail about these two guys but the point is that fate HATES me!! It's been a known fact now for 4 years! I don't know what it is, but I just can't get any love'n from any guy in the world! And one thing that I've noticed is that every time I had a crush on someone, he was younger than me! All of the boyfriends that I ever had were younger than me! (And I've only had 3 real boyfriends!) To be perfectly honest, I was starting to get embarrassed by that!

And then, my last crush had happened! It didn't take me long to realize that he wasn't into me that way! And as I slowly stopped having a crush on him, I had noticed something! He is EXTREMELY immature! I mean, it would be impossible for us to even be together because I, for one, am extremely mature for my age! And yes, he is younger than me....if you were wondering! So, come New Years Eve, I had thought about my love life in total...and came up with a New Year's Resolution!

My New Year's Resolution is to wait for my soul mate! That's right! I'm gonna wait for my soul mate! I'm DONE with all of these frilly crushes on guys that I really don't even know-and that they don't even know me! Instead of waiting for the next one, I'm waiting for the one! I'm ready for my soul mate-I'm just waiting for him to be ready for me! And when that time comes, it's going to be magical and not some corny High School situation that will end within 1-2 months! I'm serious here! I'm DONE getting my heart broken! I'm ready to grow out of this! While I'm waiting, I'm taking some time off to figure myself out-get to know myself better! And I'm trying to love myself alot more now-but that seems to be hard for me because no guy has ever really loved me before! I'm going to be straight up honest with you: I don't think I'm pretty AT ALL! What guy would fall in love with THIS!?!? You may think I have low self-esteem right now and I kinda agree with you! But, given my past love life, it's sorta hard to come past it! But, it'll take me time, you know?!

So, as of right know, I'm just focused on my studies and waiting for my soul mate! I'm definitely looking forward to committing to this New Year's Resolution! For those of you who have made a New Year's Resolution: stay strong to it! There's a reason why you want to achieve that goal! And for those who haven't made a New Year's Resolution: think of something that'll change your life for the better! Good luck, Peeps and goodnight! :-)

*Remember*~There are many things in life that will catch your eyes, but only one that will catch your heart.

Your "Waiting" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 1 January 2011


What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem is about how a relationship can turn sour and damage the heart at times. I like how cut-throat and honest this poem is. It doesn't hold back at all. This poem was not written by me at all. This was the girl that I had told you about-the one that had let me have some of her poems before she moved to Texas! So, here's her poem "Done"! Enjoy!
I hate you
You hate me
Then why on earth do I
still love you?
If we don't make each other
Why are we together
Sittin here waitin for
something to change
sittin alone at home
This situation is so
why don't I just go
better yet you go
Your tearin me apart
Constantly breakin my
But its ok Im through
Im done with you.
By: Young Breezy
Lauren Harris
So, what do you think? It's pretty good for an 8th grader. She was the one who had gotten me started on writing poems! One thing about this poem is that it shows you how much of a roller coaster love is! One minute, you're happy-feeling on top of the world. And the next minute, you're questioning your status with him. It's crazy! Love is just plain crazy! But, that's another topic I would love to discuss with you another time.
If you want your poem published on my blog, you can contact me through my e-mail:
Or, if you go to Millennium High School, you can talk to me about it there! Well Peeps, I gotta go! I will talk to you guys later!
*Remember*~Winning isn't everything but the will to win is.
Your "Analyzed" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~