Monday, 19 April 2010

Benediction and 2-Year Anniversary

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem was written by James Berry. I really like this poem. It's a poem that gives thanks to the things we take advantage of. It's a calm poem that makes everyone take a step back and say, "Wow! That's pretty deep...." So, here's James Berrys' poem called, "Benediction". Enjoy!

Thanks to the ear
that someone may hear

Thanks to seeing
that someone may see

Thanks to feeling
that someone may feel

Thanks to touch
that someone may be touched

Thanks to flowering of white moon
and spreading shawl of black night
holding villages and cities together

Written By: James Berry
Selected By: Saidah Wilson
So, what did you guys think about this poem?! My favorite part was the last stanza! You can actually imagine the sky covering over the cities and villages! I thought that was pretty nice! If you have a poem that you really like and you want it shown here, on my blog, contact me through my e-mail:
or, if you go to my school, which is currently North Canyon High School, you know that you can always talk to me about it!

Today marks the 2nd-Anniversary for this blog!!! It's been 2 years that I've had this blog now!! Wow! So much has happened in soo little time!! Let's take a look back on this year:
  • MY CELEBRITY CRUSHES: Well, as you know, there's been numerous this year! From April 12th, 2009-July 10th, 2009, I had a HUGE crush on Dev Patel! He played in the phenomenal movie Slumdog Millionaire! After seeing that movie, my heart throbbed for that boy! But, later on, I found out that he was, and still is, dating his former co-star Freida Pinto. She is incredibly gorgeous and I knew I couldn't top, I moved on. It was from July 14th, 2009-August 29th, 2009, that I fell in love with Scott Michael Foster. He currently plays in the hit T.V show called Greek. I remembered when I first laid eyes on him. It was in a magazine of mine. {chuckle} And when I gazed at him, I instantly melted. But, then something had happened. I guess my hormones had exploded at the time because I not only fell in love with Scott, I also fell in love with 2 other guys!! So, from September 1st, 2009-October 19th, 2009, I had fallen in love with not just Scott, but Josh Hutcherson and Jackson Ryan Hurst! Boy! Was my hormones go'n crazy then or what?! LOSNL!!! From September 2nd, 2009-October 24th 2009, I added Taylor Lautner into my celebrity crush list!!! You can imagine how crazy I was when I saw New Moon!! {chuckle} I was practically drooling just looking at Taylor Lautner SHIRTLESS!!! Then, I started to lose interest in Jackson Ryan Hurst and Scott Michael Foster......and added 2 more guys into the list!!! It was from October 26th 2009-December 19th 2009, Gerard Butler and Jamie Kennedy came into my eyes!!! I only had liked Jamie Kennedy because he looked like my crush at school!!! And Gerard Butler?! Who wouldn't fall for his sexy accent and buff body?! LOSNL!! Then, from December 20th, 2009-December 30th, 2009, I fell in love with James Maslow! He's in the hit Nickelodeon T.V show called Big Time Rush! I thought he was more cute than anything!!! He has such beautiful joke!! It was then that I stopped having a crush on Jamie Kennedy and Gerard Butler......and added someone else to the list!!! His name is......Andy Samberg!! It started off as just a crush for me....but, little did I know that it was about to get serious! Once January had hit, I no longer had a crush on James Maslow and Taylor eyes were set on Andy!!
  • MY SCHOOL CRUSHES: This school year was very different for me. I only had one major crush this year and his name is Alex Kalos! I can't tell you what happened between me and him until later. I want to use a FULL post about him. I did have a couple of little crushes like John and Tanner. John was in my American History class and was always quiet and always had his earphones in his ears. I only talked to him once....sadly. I never told him that I liked him and he never knew. {sigh} He was soo darn cute!!! I couldn't resist taking a peek at him during lectures and work. And as for Tanner, he was in my Physics class. I have spoken to him a lot more than John. Tanner is really cute and has gorgeous eyes. He is really funny too! One time, he was my lab partner, and all I did was keep my focus on him!! LOSNL!!
  • MY FAMILY: My parents are doing well. Every now-and-then, they'll argue...but, they seem to get over it really quickly! They work constantly and are just getting by. Jabari has gotten even more hard-headed than ever before. He's talking really well though and loves to watch Nick Jr. My sister and I have gotten really close this year. Our friendship gets stronger everyday. We all just recently moved and have cooperated to get this house together and are getting accustomed to it. Next stop to get accustomed to is Millennium High School!!
  • ME: O wow! Now it's my turn! Well, for starters, I have changed dramatically this year. Andy Samberg has influenced me a ton!! He's changed my lingo completely!!! I now say words like "Legit", "Ka-Blamo", "Cool-Beans", "LOSNL", "OMSNL", "Perfecto", etc! Along with Andy, having to deal with Alex Kalos has changed me alot as well. I am learning how to let love find me....instead of the other way around. I am learning how to accept who I am and love myself for it! I have become this strong, confident young woman who knows how and when to focus and who cares for her friends and family deeply! Most importantly, I have learned about myself this year. I have seeked my strengths and weaknesses and have learned to embrace them both. I'm very proud of myself and of what I've become!

Thank you Peeps for spending another year with me and watching me grow. I greatly appreciate it! Hopefully, we'll spend many more years together in the near future!! Take care Peeps and I'll talk to you guys later!! HAPPY 2ND-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

*Remember*~Praise is the best diet for us, after all.

Your "Growing Up" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~