Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It All Came Into Full Circle

What Up Peeps!!!

O.k. So, you guys know how crazy and completely sad my love life is, right?! Well, there are these two guys that did come into my life and had made it very.....interesting!! I would like to dedicate this blog post to them.....and you'll see why!

The first guy I would like mention is my ex-boyfriend, Andrew Craven! You know him as my first boyfriend in Arizona! Things didn't work out between us, so we remained friends! Well, this year, I had noticed numerous changes about him! Sometimes, he had annoyed the heck outta me. And sometimes, he would crack me up and we'd get along just fine. There were times, I'm not gonna lie, where I had found him attractive!! (And this was the year after we broke up!) But, all-in-all, I thought that we were just friends. Towards the last month of school, I had noticed that he would walk with me towards Spanish class. (We both had Spanish 2nd hour, but, not with the same teacher!) And he sometimes didn't look at me straight in the eyes! (which is what I do when I really like someone!) Come the last day of school, I had him sign my yearbook. After he signed it, he said, "So, how about a hug before you go?!" (he knows that I'm going to a new school next year) And I said, "Yeah. Yeah, of course!" The hug was surprisingly long and intimate!! This was the first contact we've ever had together! When we were dating, we didn't even held, for him to hug me was a HUGE surprise for me and a step up on his part! He told me that he hopes that my dreams and goals do come true and that he'll vote for me if I do go on American Idol!! I thought that that was very sweet of him to say....

When I read what he wrote in my yearbook, I was in for a surprise!! He wrote that he always liked me a bit! I was shocked....and yet, not! My friend and I had suspected that he still has feelings for me! But, I never expected for him to actually tell me! I was shocked....and I still am!

This scenario had also happen to me again in the 8th grade. His name is Kyle Scruggs! Like Andrew, he is also a grade younger than me! Nobody liked him in band besides me! People would make fun of him, and I would always stick up for him! People then started telling me that Kyle liked me! I didn't believe first! Like Andrew, sometimes Kyle would annoy me....simply because he was latched onto me! I was his only friend....literally! But, all-in-all, he was sweet and nice! Then, at the last day of school, he told me that he had a surprise for me, but he wouldn't tell me what it was! As he was walking me down the hallway, I was getting really impatient and I asked him what my surprise was! He turned to me and said, "I love you!" Then, we both left for class! I remember being completely stunned....{chuckle} and I still am!!

These 2 guys will always have a special place in my heart! I will, actually, I do miss them dearly and hope that their dreams and wishes do come true!! And I hope they'll find their soul mate along the way! Of course, I do have both of them on MySpace, so I will make sure that I keep in contact with them both. Take care Andrew and Kyle!!

{chuckle} I question my love life sometimes. Honestly! For these two scenarios to just occur like that, makes me wonder for the future! Will my Senior year in High School be the same as my Freshman year?! I hope not! It was fun chasing Alex Bradly all school year....but, I actually want a relationship here! But, I really do think that Allah has already planned out my soul mate....and, I think I know who it is! But, I'm definitely not sure! Until then, I'll just be waiting and living life to the fullest!! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Speak well of your friend in public; admonish him in private.

Your "Ironic" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~