Monday, 26 October 2009

The Untold Story Behind Me and Bhavin

What Up Peeps!!!

So, as I've promised last entry, I'm going to fill you in on my second boyfriend last year-Bhavin. Ok. So, you already know how Bhavin had presented to me that he had a crush on me after band class. Well, when he told me, I was completely shocked. And then, all of the sudden, he had asked me to the dance that was coming up in like, 2 weeks! I was OVERWHELMED!!! I told him that I'll think about it and I went on to my next class. That was when I knew it. That I was in a "fast-forward" relationship!!! Bhavin was moving FAST!!! Almost too fast. Overall in our relationship, I was overwhelmed. Why?! Because I've never been in a relationship like this before. I've always been in a "slow paced" relationship. Boy, was I about to encounter an emotional roller-coaster.

Bhavin and I had communicated through phone calls, texting, chatting on Facebook, and hanging out during lunchtimes. He would call me everyday after school!!! EVEN when my parents were at home. Now, since I wasn't allowed to date yet, I would text Bhavin-saying that he couldn't call right now because my parents were at home. He LOVED to call me on the phone! He, in fact, liked calling me more than texting. When I would tell him that it was a bad time to call me, he would beg for a little bit, and then give up when he realized that I wasn't giving in. When he called me, we would talk for almost an hour before my parents got home!!! On our phone calls, he would tell me all of his fantasies.....which, between me and you, was quite fast-forward!!

During lunchtimes at school, he would meet me at my normal spot at lunch and we'd sit and talk before my friends would come along. {chuckle} I remember the first time when he met up with me at lunch. He had KISSED my hand like I was Queen Sheba!!! I've NEVER been treated like that before in my entire life. I will tell you peeps now that Bhavin is the first guy I've ever kissed. Let's just say that you can learn so much about a person through their kiss. Of course, we had hit a few bumps in the road-but, had patched it up quite quickly.

I never told you this, but, Bhavin had-and still does have-a HUGE crush on my best friend, Kelsey Abel. Even when he was dating me. This situation had gotten out of hand one day when Bhavin had told me that he couldn't make it to the dance because he was having money issues. But, Kelsey had told me that he had asked her to the dance!!! Luckily for me, Kelsey had turned him down. But, I was peeved off!!! After that situation, my heart just couldn't take it anymore. So, I broke up with him that afternoon through a text. I was soo furious with him that I couldn't even go throughout the rest of my day without breaking up with him!! In the text, I told him not to ever contact me ever again and to leave me alone. He didn't text back-which told me that he really didn't care. If he did, he would've called me and would have left me thousands of messages on my phone.

I had handled the situation of being alone the only way I knew how-to listen to my OneRepublic CD on full blast and cry my heart out. Yes, I had felt better, but, it did hurt me really bad. Earlier that day, Kelsey had showed me a text from Bhavin that was sent to her. It had said, "I love you". That had said it all. I became depressed for a little while and then started to get over him because of my starting crush of Abheshik. (which, hopefully I can tell you about later!) That's what I always do. Once my heart gets broken, I'm always finding myself falling in love again!! (Those darn hormones!! LOL!!) So, Bhavin had dated a girl right after me-who, honestly, I thought he could do WAY better than THAT!! But, nonetheless, I got over him-slowly, but surely! It turned out that I had won the "war"! Kelsey had told me just a couple of months back that Bhavin told her, "First, Saidah doesn't want me and now you don't!"

Now, me and Bhavin are great friends. Altogether, me and Bhavin went out for ONLY a month!! Can you believe it?! A MONTH!! Time had flown ever so slowly when I went out with him!! I can tell, at times, that he doesn't want me to be taken because when I told him that I had a crush on someone and was going to tell that guy how I felt about him, Bhavin had a sad look upon his face!! Oh yeah!! I had totally won that war!! LOL!! He still has a crush on Kelsey-that boy just won't let up on her!! But, it's all good!! Well, Peeps, I best be going now!! I apologize for making these blog posts soo long!! But, you know how I do!! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~When you're having a bad day, always remember that there's always tomorrow!

Your "Experimenting" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson A.K.A Mrs. Butler/Hutcherson/Kennedy/Lautner (Yeah. Since I last talked to you, I fell in love with 3 more new guys!!-as you can see from my nickname!!)