Saturday, 1 January 2011


What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem is about how a relationship can turn sour and damage the heart at times. I like how cut-throat and honest this poem is. It doesn't hold back at all. This poem was not written by me at all. This was the girl that I had told you about-the one that had let me have some of her poems before she moved to Texas! So, here's her poem "Done"! Enjoy!
I hate you
You hate me
Then why on earth do I
still love you?
If we don't make each other
Why are we together
Sittin here waitin for
something to change
sittin alone at home
This situation is so
why don't I just go
better yet you go
Your tearin me apart
Constantly breakin my
But its ok Im through
Im done with you.
By: Young Breezy
Lauren Harris
So, what do you think? It's pretty good for an 8th grader. She was the one who had gotten me started on writing poems! One thing about this poem is that it shows you how much of a roller coaster love is! One minute, you're happy-feeling on top of the world. And the next minute, you're questioning your status with him. It's crazy! Love is just plain crazy! But, that's another topic I would love to discuss with you another time.
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*Remember*~Winning isn't everything but the will to win is.
Your "Analyzed" Friend,
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