Sunday, 24 January 2010

In Love With The Enemy (An Archetypes Poem)

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem was made when I was a a Freshmen in High School. It was about my first high school crush! Ah yes. I remember it now. His name was Alex Bradley. At the time, I had a HUGE celebrity crush on Mitchel Musso....and I was utterly convinced that Alex looked just like him! {He really does though! No lie!} {reminiscing} I remember telling him that I liked him....and he turned me down-TWICE!! Yeah. I liked that boy twice in one year-that's how hot I thought he was! I wrote this poem after ONE of the rejections! (I honestly can't remember which rejection it was! Freshmen year was a blur to me!) This is my first Archetypes poem I have ever written. So, here's the poem, "In Love With The Enemy". Enjoy!!
In Love With
The Enemy
(An Archetypes Poem)

When I first met you,
You were truly blue.

I thought you were my
rising sun, my garden, my tree
My ultimate remedy.

But now,
You are black.

You are now the desert,
the serpent, the Fall.
I can only call you by

When I seek to find green
and white,
You're nowhere in sight;
You are out of my light.

You have decided to be
My tyren.

You're the devil, the traitor,
the evil genius.
Kind of like Oedipus.

But, for some reason,
I still love you!

How can I be in love
with the enemy?
Am I too blind to see,
That you're clearly way too
mean to me?
Is it because you're my Sea?
Timelessness and eternity?

I guess it's because you're
The Devil.

You are the charming fiend,
You give people what you
think they deserve.

And I....
I am the librarian.
And the nurturer.

The devil and the librarian can
never mix.
You can question this,
just for kicks!

So now,
I must move on from this
I feel sick
From this pick
That I once called
My Love.

So Long,
My Love,
My Enemy,
My Devil,
My So-Called Best Friend,

So Long

Written By:
Saidah Wilson A.K.A Mrs. Musso

Dedicated To:
Alex Bradley A.K.A
Oliver, A.K.A
My 1st High School Crush
So, what did you think about the poem? Pretty raw feelings there, huh? Yeah. It was evident that I still loved him after I wrote this poem. My feelings were soo strong for Alex back then, that I lost sight of the big picture there! He literally took advantage of me because I liked him soo much! No matter how much he had made me mad, my hormones had found another way for me to forgive and like him again. But, this poem is very deep. I love the language I had used throughout this poem! And I was a Freshmen who wrote this! That's pretty good....if I do say so myself! I like how in the end, I say, "So Long" twice. This corresponds to me not really wanting to say good-bye to Alex, my enemy, but, my concious tells me over and over again that it's for the best! The similies and metaphors are perfect to a tea in this poem!

This poem was written when I was in Shadow Mountain. I've moved since then-to a new house and school! Me and Alex Bradley are friends on MySpace. And last time I saw him was last January during Honor Band. I'll admit-when I saw him, I had then remembered why I had fallen for him twice in one year! Yes-I still do have a crush on him! And I always will, whether I like it or not because Alex is my 1st High School Crush-there will ALWAYS be a liking for my 1st High School Crush! I haven't seen nor talked to him since then. But, hopefully I can chat with him soon on MySpace!

Well Peeps, I better go! The goal for this year is to get you guys up-to-date on my life because there's still loads of things that I have to talk to you about! I'll talk to you guys later!

*Remember*~Mental activity keeps you busy at this time.

Your "Reminicent" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

This picture below is of my

backyard, looking up! Once again,

I was addicted to taking pictures

of the sun! LOL!!

Isn't it beautiful?! This next
picture is of our orange tree,
up close. Some of the oranges
that you will see are green
because they are not ripe yet!

Believe it or not, but this orange

tree inspired me to name my blog

after it! Now, these next 2 pictures

was obviously taken when I was

bored! Can you guess what these

images are?!

If you think that these 2 pictures

are of my eye in the dark, then

you're right! Like I said, I was

very bored that day and decided

to experiment! LOL!! I guess I was

right-my eyes are brown in lighting!