Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My Dad's 39th Birthday!!!

What Up Peeps!!!

Well, yesterday was my dad's 39th birthday!!! I had soo much fun yesterday that I must admit....that was the best time I ever had out of this whole summer!!! Why?! Because Hanifa, Jabari, and I haven't been out much at all this whole summer!! It's sad...I know!! I have begged my parents, especially my mom, to let me go over to a friends house, any friend, just to let me get out of this house....though my mom had said yes, every time I'd ask her, she'd be heading off to work or wants me to stay home!!! It sucks, sorry to say!!! But, what can I do, right?!

Anyway, for my dad's birthday, we had went to Arriba first!! (A Mexican Restaurant) Boy, they hooked us up with those nachos that me and my mom had ordered!! LOL!! I recommend everyone and anyone to try it!! After that, we went to the Arizona Science Exhibit (or was it a Museum?!). It was completely awesome!! While I was there, I had seen my classmate named Barron!! (He's that guy I had told you about earlier this year that looks like Joe Jonas!) He had totally caught me off guard. He had volunteered there and he thought that I had looked familiar. So, he had tapped me on the shoulder while calling my name!! I was completely shocked, may I add.

After the Arizona Science Exhibit, we had all went to QT!! (Arizona is best known for the hot and arid heat!! QT is a gas station and a little store!! In that store, they have tons of slushies and soft drinks!) We (my family) had all bought a soft drink! I had gotten a green apple/white cherry slushie with a little bit of Sprite!! (I'm always the one to get the wild and funky colors in the family!) After that, we had went home and watched a movie called Defiance. I had fallen asleep on the last half bit of that movie...I was tired. At about 9 p.m, we had ordered from a restaurant called Macaroni Grill. We all shared a family sized Fettichini!! May I add, Fettichini is now one of my favorite meals!!

Once it came to my Dad's birthday cake, it had became a whole event! Both me and Hanifa had performed, "Happy Birthday" to our dad with our instruments!! (Hanifa played her Cello, while I played my Trombone!) Then, my dad had cut his slice of cake, and as he did that, I had presented my present to him!! It was a poem! (If you know me by now, that was no surprise!) It was a beautiful and funny poem that my dad enjoyed and loved!! After that, we had all ate our cake and the rest of the night was pretty laid back.

So, that was my dad's 39th birthday!! It was loads of fun and a memory to never be forgotten!! Well Peeps, there's more from me to come later. I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Looks are deceiving.

Your "Relaxed and Giving" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A Mrs. SMF (Notice the new nickname!!)