Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My baby brother, Jabari, at age 4!!!

What Up Peeps!!!

Jabari has just turned 4 last month on the 13th. He is now pretty much half my size-so, we can all agree that Jabari will be taller than me once he reaches his teenage years. LOL!! Now that Jabari is 4, his speech is getting better by the week!! When he is trying to say, "Sorry," he says, "Gawee!" He calls me, "Thai" and he calls Hanifa, "Thai-y!" His favorite show, as of right now, is Spongebob Squarepants. He also loves Mickey Mouse, Cars-the movie, and Go, Diego, Go! He loves to help my mom cook in the kitchen-which is fine, as long as his hands are clean!! LOL!! One of the things I find remarkable about Jabari, is that he LOVES broccoli!!! Sometimes, he orders my mom to cook him some broccoli!! He also loves to clean up-which makes me and Hanifa quite confused!! We both, on some occasions, do not like cleaning up at all!! Jabari is a very thoughtful and helpful little man! (I like to call him that!!)

Of course, there is a flip side!! Jabari can be very hard-headed at times. When somehow me or Hanifa get on his nerves, he spits on us all of the time!! Especially on Hanifa!! Sometimes, if me or Hanifa is talking maybe too much, Jabari will say, "Hush Thai/Thai-y!" He knows he loves telling people to be quiet. And sometimes when me or Hanifa get in trouble, he says, "Na Na Na Na Thai/Thai-y!!" Me and Hanifa hate it when he says this. I don't know why, but, it gets to us. Sometimes, Jabari demands to go on the computer, and if my mom and dad says no, he'll cry hysterically. He does get plenty of whoopins when he acts this way. For some reason, sometimes Jabari acts like he can get whatever he wants when he wants it! And for many cases-it won't go that way!! Of course, Jabari also has his temper, or rather, attitude. He'll sometimes say, "Fine mommy!!" or stomp of the stairs really loud, or give you this stare that's "supposedly" supposed to scare you!! Jabari just cracks me up when he does this!!

So, you've heard of the saying, "Terrible Two's" huh? Well, it now needs to be, "Fierce Four's" for the four year olds. Cause Jabari sure does think he's fierce when he wants to be-which makes him look really adorable!! He is my baby brother and I love him unconditionally!! {chuckle} I can't wait until he can be able to read this blog post!! It will be a memory to remember!! Well Peeps, I got to go!! You'll hear more from me later!!

*Remember*~Praise loudly, blame softly. -European Saying

Your "Descriptive" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A Mrs. SMF/Hutcherson/Hurst (Notice the new and LONG nickname!!)