Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Story Behind Me and Alex Kalos

What Up Peeps!!!

So, for the longest time, I had promised to tell you all about my crush this year: Alex Kalos. And now, I have the time to sit down with you and elaborate over this guy. Alright, so it all happened in my English class! He's also in 2 other classes of mine: Pre-Calc and Spanish. Alex was in my pod 1st semester. (There were 4 people in each pod in the classroom.) I was normally quiet in this pod of mine because Alex and the two other people in my pod knew each other really well. As the days grew by, I had noticed that I wasn't the only silent lamb in the pod. Alex is really quiet. He doesn't talk much.....that's what makes him such a mystery to me. I had come to find out that he has a great sense of humor!! And boy! Does he have a deep voice or what?! I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by him at first.

I had then started developing a crush on Alex. I didn't mean for it to happen....believe me! I had then started to observe him! Now, I know what you're thinking!! But trust me, I'm not a stalker! I promise! I just wanted to know a little bit more about him....without humiliating myself to talking to him! So, I found out that he's a football player! Yeah. A jock if you will! His jersey # is 32. For the simple fact of him actually being a football player, I knew instantly that I had no chance with him! But, my heart just wouldn't give up on him. When I couldn't keep the secret, of me liking him, to myself, I had decided to tell him in person about how I felt about him! Now Peeps, you know the history of me giving my crushes 'The Note'. So, I had decided to take a different route this time!!

Let me tell you, Peeps, that I had some real bolts to go and tell Alex to meet me at the library! When he came to the library, he smiled at me! I gave him a weary smile...fear was written all over my face! When he sat down, I took one big breath and looked mostly at my hands....and.....I told him! It's funny to me now because I remember telling it to him really fast! I was nervous, let me tell ya that much! After I was done, I looked up at Alex and he was utterly speechless. Noticing this, I had told him that he can take his time on answering me back! He took that option and he had said that we will still be friends.....

Weeks went by, and I got no answer from him! So....I went to plan B. Plan B was to flirt and talk to Alex with every chance I got! It was hard because I could barely look at him in his eyes....they were too beautiful for me to stare at. But once again, I grew a pair and did what I had to do. I remembered one time that the playoffs for my football team was on a Friday night. Come 6th hour, I wished Alex good luck for the playoffs! He was definitely shocked by this, but, gracefully he said, "Thanx!" {chuckling} I'm now realizing what a complete fool I was! I wanted to be Alex's girlfriend sooo bad....

Pretty soon, 2 months went by, and still no answer from Alex. I was starting to get really impatient with him....and quite frankly, it was starting to turn me off. So, I wrote Alex a note and gave it to him right before Winter Break. {sorry! I really don't remember what I put in that note! I must've blanked it out of my memory!} During Winter Break, I had told myself that if Alex didn't right me back, I had to stop liking him! Sure enough, after Winter Break, I received no letter from him. It was at this time that I saw Andy Samberg and devoted my crush to him! I no longer had a crush on Alex. We never spoke to each other....nor even paid attention to each other! I honestly thought that he was mad at me! It was a silent compromise.....

Come May, someone decided to break that compromise! Don't look at was Alex! During Pre-Calc, I wanted to know if my answer was right. So, I went up to my teacher and asked her if it was right. Then, Alex said, "The answers are right here"-in a helpful tone. When Alex said this, I gotta admit, I was confused. And quite frankly, I didn't like it at all! What happened to the silent compromise?! Why is he talking to me?!-I thought. About 2 weeks later, I had decided to ask Alex if he could sign my yearbook. (Every year, I try to get my biggest crush to sign my yearbook. It's a tradition of mine!) And....he signed my yearbook. In it, he wrote: Saidah, I hope you exceed in life and achieve your goals. Kalos

When I read this, I smiled. But, it was a confused smile. Maybe we didn't have a silent compromise after all! Maybe....maybe he wasn't mad at me all this time. What he wrote had made me curious.....but, satisfied all at once. After he signed my yearbook, he asked, "So, you got published on here?" I said proudly, "Mm-hm. Actually, I got published 3 times!!" Then, he said, "Wow! That's pretty cool!" Then I said, "Thanx!" (I was super shocked at this time because I was looking at him in the eyes as we spoke! I didn't drool as I stared into his eyes!) And that, Peeps, was the very last words we had said to each other. You know, I'm not sad by that at all. Because at least we ended the year in good terms! I'm pretty happy about that! Well, Peeps, there you have it! Now you know why I had decided that from now on to let love find me! Wish me luck on that journey!! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Before you wonder "Am I doing things right, " ask "Am I doing the right things?"

Your "Satisfied" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~