Saturday, 19 March 2011

Under Construction

What Up Peeps!!!

As you can see, I had put up a new template for this blog! I hope you like it! My goal is to change it about once a month so that way I won't bore you guys with the same thing. And you know, that's how it is with blogs-you gotta keep your audience entertained, not only with your words, but also your blogs' presence. And yes-most of the new templates that I'll display for you will be of Andy and/or The Lonely Island!!! :-)

Another new surprise for you guys is that I will try my hardest not to make these blog posts too long! I wanna start making shorter posts so that way it'll be easier to read without losing interests!

Just last night, a crazy idea popped into my head: Why don't I get a Tumblr?! So, I was making my account for it and then all of the sudden, Tumblr's website started to act jank! I figured that it was a sign, so I deleted my account and decided to pizazz this blog, my ONLY blog! In the end, I'm glad I didn't get a Tumblr! It's hard enough keeping up with this one!! LOSNL!!

Thank you again Peeps for sticking with me even when these posts get boring! ;-)

*Remember*~Adjust finances-make budgets, to improve your financial standing.

Your "New and Improved" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~