Saturday, 18 December 2010

This picture is of a bunch of cacti on a mountain!

This is what this picture looks like in a motion blur setting (zoom).

This next picture is of a beautiful landscape with a long mountain behind it!

Such a beautiful picture! Now, here's the same picture-only in a pixelized setting:

It's hard to see it now, right? This is another snapshot of a different landscape! You can see a few mountains in this one!

This is what this picture looks like in a Selective Gaussian Blur setting:

It makes a smudged look to it. This next picture shows how we're getting closer to Flagstaff-because it doesn't snow anywhere else here in Arizona!

YAY SNOW!!! :-) Here's what this picture looks like in a Tileable Blur setting (IIR):'s definitly hard to see this picture, but I bet you can still see the snow!! ENJOY!!! :-)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Family Matters

What Up Peeps!!!

Good morning everyone!! I haven't talked to you guys in a long time-and I apologize for that! Things have just come up these past couple of months that had made me preoccupied for that moment! Today, I just wanted to touch bases with you on my family.

My family is doing great! Just yesterday, we had played a game of Rummy. My mom had won that solid round! Though I was last place, I didn't care! I was just glad to be spending some time with my family. Now that Marching Band season is over, I can have my Saturdays back without having to watch SNL (Saturday Night Live) on Hulu again!

So, my dad got a new position now at his job! He now works Night Shift!!! It's completely amazing because he goes off to work at around 9 p.m. and gets off from work at around 8 a.m!! Now, we can see MORE of him!! (he used to work evening shift where he would go to work at like 2 p.m. and wouldn't get back until 12 a.m.) I can tell my dad loves this shift, and so do we!!! He now works management at his job!! I'm soo happy/proud of him! (in case you're wondering, he cleans surgical instruments at hospitals!)

My sister has changed slightly, but she's still the same! People at school are starting to realize that she's my younger sister. Of course, 99% of them say that we look alike! Now I would like to say that we ABSOLUTELY DON'T!!! I don't see the resemblance in us at all! But, you know, eh. What can you do about it? LOSNL! One thing I do hate is that she keeps adding MY friends-BAND friends-on Facebook! It annoys the heck out of me! I'm flattered that I have the most coolest friends ever (;-) ), but she has to find her own friends! BAND people are MY people-not hers! (she's not in band. she plays the cello)

My mom is doing fine. I do think she and a few of my other family members are a little obsessed with Facebook! LOSNL! But it's all good! She wants to do an all-girls-day-out in the next few weeks! I can't wait! That'll be fun. She said that we'll go shopping and eat out and watch a movie-just me, her, and Hanifa!! That's pretty funkyfresh-I'm not gonna lie!!! ;-)

My baby brother is doing fine! He's learning how to talk better more and more each day. Right now, his phase is Toy Story 3! It's sooo cute! He has some Toy Story 3 outfits, dolls, and other accessories. He's now in a new little day care/preschool. He's doing great in there and loves being in that school.

Gizzmo is doing fine as well! God! He's such a great dog, I swear! I love him to death! Every time I come home from school, he'll pounce on me like crazy! He just gets sooo happy to see me when I get home!!! ;-) I love it!

Well Peeps, I'm going to try to keep you guys posted as much as I can! And I have a surprise for you guys to see in just about two weeks from now! I'll talk to you guys later!!

Your "Posted" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Introducing Gizzmo

What Up Peeps!!!

So, of the last two weeks of May, some weird things started to happen. My mom had found a stray dog and we kept it for 1 day. Then, my dad took it to the dog pound and me and Hanifa were honestly devastated. For those 24 hours that we had that dog, we grew attached to it. And our parents took notice of it. Me and Hanifa had begged mom and dad for us to keep it, but it was no use. Our parents both work like heck, and with me soo busy with school work, there was no way we could keep a dog. But, it turned out our parents had a surprise for us.

We ended up going to the dog pound and found plenty of cute, adorable dogs and puppies. But, my mom was on a mission. 1st of all, she didn't want a female dog-she wanted a male one. (And I can see why. Female dogs are surprisingly really aggressive.) 2nd of all, my mom didn't want a pit bull or a lab. She wanted something that was small and wouldn't grow that big. So, what exactly were we looking for?-you ask. A Chihuahua.

We came across a Chihuahua-type puppy that was about 5 months old. He is black, white, and brown! He has floppy ears that flip inwards when he's asleep. It turned out that he is a Chihuahua mixed with Jack Terrier! He is soooo cute!!! I can't wait to show you guys pictures of him!! My mom, Hanifa, and I drew a name out of a hat to see what would be the puppy's name. (I had wrote "Gatsby" for my choice! I picked that name because I had recently just finished the book The Great Gatsby. Gatsby was of course my favorite character!) We ended up drawing the name "Gizzmo"-the name my mom had picked. I like the name suits him quite well!

Gizzmo is a nice, quiet puppy. He absolutely HATES being alone! Me and Hanifa spoil him rotten!! I like to call him my baby!!! He goes crazy when he smells chicken cooking from the kitchen! (What can I say? Chicken is just that good! ;-) ) He loves to roam around in the house. But, with Jabari still being young and thinking that Gizzmo is a toy, we keep Gizzmo in his cage. At night time, me and Hanifa let Gizzmo sleep with us on our beds! It's soo fun! It's like a sleep over. He loves to cuddle and sleep closer towards my face. He's very protective over our family! If someone rings the doorbell, he'll bark like crazy! He loves to be on someones lap too! O! And this is something too adorable that he does: if you are eating something, he'll come up to your feet, and sit down patiently-waiting for you to give him some food! And it sometimes works because he has those cute, puppy-dog eyes!! He also LOVES to get tummy rubs!! It's sooo cute!!! He'll just sit there and let you rub his tummy!!!

I have such a close relationship with Gizzmo!! I always can't wait to come home from school and see him. He is just such a good puppy and I love him sooo much! I just don't know how I'll handle it, going off to college without him! More importantly, how is he going to handle me being away like that?! It's obvious that Gizzmo loves me most! (Hey! What can I say?!) I'm practically his mother here!! We have such a tight bond, that he understands me! He's WAY better than our last puppy, let me tell ya that much!!! (LONG story....)

Well Peeps, hopefully I can show you guys what he looks like real soon! But, of course, I still have OTHER pictures to show you as well! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.

Your "Loving" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs.Samberg~

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Whenever I See You

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: I wrote this poem when I was in 8th grade. I would actually like to dedicate this poem to Sanjaya Malakar! This poem basically sums up what having a celebrity crush feels like. {chuckle} I think Sanjaya was my first real long-term celebrity crush. So, here's my poem "Whenever I See You"!! Enjoy!!
Whenever I
See You
Whenever I see you,
goosebumps rage out of my skin.
Whenever I see you,
it makes me feel good within.
Whenever I see you,
I always break out with a smile.
Whenever I see you,
my heart rate runs a mile.
Whenever I see you,
all of my troubles fade away.
Whenever I see you,
I feel like it's a new day.
Whenever I see you,
I fall in love.
Whenever I see you,
you're the only one I'm think'n of.
Whenever I see you,
I see you through a magazine or T.V.
Now I want to meet you,
I want to get to know you even
Until then,
I will always be your #1 fan!
Written By:
Saidah Wilson
So, what did you think of this poem? I think it's really cute! And the funny thing is, that's how I felt with all of my celebrity crushes! That's how I feel about Andy right now! Whenever I'm stressed out, I just think of Andy and I smile, knowing that everything's gonna be ok. You may think this is folly and inane but, through thick and thin, my celebrity crushes were always there for me. From the break-ups to the stressed out moments, they were there to cheer me up. They've also inspired me, and even metamorphosed me to become the person I am today. Now, for some of you, that didn't make a lick of sense! For that, I apologize. I'll try to make a blog post solely on the whole theological point of even having a celebrity crush!
If there's a poem of yours that you would like to see on my blog, you can contact me via email, which is:
or, if you go to Millennium High School, and you wanna talk to me about it, you know where to find me! Well Peeps, I'll talk to you later! Take care!
*Remember*~Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied.
Your "Always In Love" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Saturday, 14 August 2010

For this segment of pictures, I decided to

experiment with my pictures! This first

picture is a regular blur setting! This

picture is of my sister in the car!

I think we were going on a trip that

day! The next picture is of another

mountain we had seen! This picture

is a Gaussian Blur!

As we were driving, we had seen

cacti on some hills! Here's a

picture of one:

That picture is in a motion blur

setting. (linear version) Along

the way, we had also passed by an

area full of plant-trees! This picture

is set to motion blur as well!

(radical version)

Out of all of these pictures, I like that

one the best because it's so different

and unique! Enjoy!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Millennium High School Awaits My Welcome

What Up Peeps!!!

The move to a new house had required me and my sis to go to a new school. Yes, the time has come once again to say good-bye to fellow friends and make new ones as you adjust to the new place. On record, this will be my 3rd High School I will be attending for my High School life. Now, I know what some of you are thinking! Aren't I sad that I'm moving to ANOTHER school?! Well, yes. But, I love going to different places and seeing new faces! I find it to be another exciting adventure to delve into my life. To me, this is just another exciting thing happening in my life! I do miss everyone at North Canyon though! Good thing I have Facebook and MySpace, right?!

I am extremely excited for school to start! But, I must admit, I am a little nervous about it! I mean, I'm going to a NEW SCHOOL here.....entering in as a Senior! Everyone will know everyone....while I'll come in with a big personality! How to overcome this overwhelming feeling is a challenge beyond my understanding! But, I'm ready for whatever comes my way. Me and Hanifa start school on the 10th of August. Hanifa has to go in on the 9th with all the other Freshmans! Apparently, all Freshmans start school on the 9th at Millennium. Quite frankly, I don't like this rule because it separates me and my sis! We were hoping to start school on the SAME DAY.....obviously, Millennium has other plans for us!

The school's outerior reminds me of Shadow Mountain. It's a one-level school and is large. The color of it looks like it could be a local jail center....with the plain colors and all! I haven't been fully in it, just some hallways. The hallway floors are carpeted. At North Canyon, it's floors are tile (besides the classrooms). The days are ticking and I'm feeling more and more prepared.....I just can't wait! Well Peeps, I gotta go! Wish me luck for my Senior year of High School at Millennium!! I'll talk to you guys later!

*Remember*~There's always a tomorrow!

Your "Nervous but Excited" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Grades Are On My Side Now

What Up Peeps!!!

So, JUNIOR YEAR is officially done for me!!!! I am absolutely thrilled about this! And not just because I'm going to be a Senior next year, but also because I made it this past year! As you know, I HATE science with a passion! So, having Physics this past year was a real challenge for me! I loved my teacher, Mr. Sheoran....even though I barely understood what the heck he was talking about! Heck, my whole Physics class didn't understand what he was teaching! I made it through with a B as my semester grade! A "B"!!! I'm soo happy! That was the class I was most worried about! I don't even know how I even got that B, but the main thing is that I got it!!!

As far as my other classes, I passed with A's and B's!! I'm soo proud of myself! I can now officially say that Junior year was friggin hard! It was the hardest year EVER for me! I went through blood, sweat, tears, stress.....and yet, no grey hair! LOSNL!! I say that because Freshman year, I got my first grey hair....and that year wasn't that stressful for me! Plus, I took YOGA that year! So, how the heck did I get a grey hair from Freshman year and not Junior year?! {sigh} Oh, the body does wondrous things, doesn't it?

Finals for the last week of school was weird for me this past year. I was MOST worried about my Physics final (of course). So, my strategy this time around was to not study as much on Physics and to just relax about it. (For my Physics final 1st semester, I studied my butt off and FAILED the final) Come results time, I had a "D" for my Physics final! But, luckily for me, I had some extra cushion on my grade, with extra-credit and all, so, I'm good! The final I was LEAST worried about was my Band final-which all it is is a sheet of paper asking you to reflect on your last performance of the year! I know, right?! That's the easiest final of all, and that's why I like it! Ahh. It feels soo good to be in Band!

I wonder what Senior year will unfold for me.... I've got soo much to think about: Prom, Graduation, College, etc. I know I'll survive it all with Allah {God} by my side, guiding me along the way! And I'll make sure to tell you ALL about it! Well, Peeps, I got to go! I'll talk to you guys later!

*Remember*~A small house can hold as much happiness as a big one.

Your "Proud" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Through Wit It

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem was written by a friend of mine in the 8th grade. Actually, she was the one who inspired me to start writing poetry. This poem is about how she has tried soo hard to compromise with love, and it never has worked out in the past. So, she decides, in the end, to just give up on love. To read this poem in the 8th grade, I didn't fully grasp what everything had all meant....until now. This friend of mine had given me a copy of a few of her poems before she had moved to Texas. This is one of her stories.
"Through Wit It"

You love him?
Hunny you don't know what
love is.
Yeah go on and laugh
I heard that too.
Until I discovered there is
more than one love.
There's more then just two.
But now Im lookin out
for me
Im like an angel set free
Cause Im through wit it
Im finnally giving it up.
I've givin' so much in the
past for a love I never had
Love...Im through wit it
Im finnally givin it up.

By: Young Breezy
There's a few grammar errors, I know. But, I want to keep this as original as possible. To think that an 8th grader had wrote this is quite impressive and yet, unbelievable. It's impressive because she was that young, thinking profoundly! But, it's unbelievable because you look at this kid and think, "What you know about love?! You're too young to even know what that is!" {chuckle} I hear this from my mom to this day. Well, if it's not love, I love the feeling of whatever it is. It stimulates emotions in me that changes the way I see things! If that's not love, then tell me what that is besides the obvious answer of hormones!! I need an answer better than that!

Peeps, if you have a poem that inspires you, and you want it posted here, contact me through my email, which is:
or, you can just talk to me about it! Well, I got to go, Peeps!! I'll talk to you later!

*Remember*~Never quit!

Your "Growing Up" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The picture below is of

me-next to a mirror. I

really like this picture!

This next picture is of

the sky! I had found it

interesting at the time,

so, I took a picture of it!

This next picture is of an

above highway on the

highway that I was on.

It reminds me of a


While on the road, I saw

a mountain-which, there

are PLENTY here in

Arizona! If you look

closely, you'll see cacti

actually on the mountain!


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It All Came Into Full Circle

What Up Peeps!!!

O.k. So, you guys know how crazy and completely sad my love life is, right?! Well, there are these two guys that did come into my life and had made it very.....interesting!! I would like to dedicate this blog post to them.....and you'll see why!

The first guy I would like mention is my ex-boyfriend, Andrew Craven! You know him as my first boyfriend in Arizona! Things didn't work out between us, so we remained friends! Well, this year, I had noticed numerous changes about him! Sometimes, he had annoyed the heck outta me. And sometimes, he would crack me up and we'd get along just fine. There were times, I'm not gonna lie, where I had found him attractive!! (And this was the year after we broke up!) But, all-in-all, I thought that we were just friends. Towards the last month of school, I had noticed that he would walk with me towards Spanish class. (We both had Spanish 2nd hour, but, not with the same teacher!) And he sometimes didn't look at me straight in the eyes! (which is what I do when I really like someone!) Come the last day of school, I had him sign my yearbook. After he signed it, he said, "So, how about a hug before you go?!" (he knows that I'm going to a new school next year) And I said, "Yeah. Yeah, of course!" The hug was surprisingly long and intimate!! This was the first contact we've ever had together! When we were dating, we didn't even held, for him to hug me was a HUGE surprise for me and a step up on his part! He told me that he hopes that my dreams and goals do come true and that he'll vote for me if I do go on American Idol!! I thought that that was very sweet of him to say....

When I read what he wrote in my yearbook, I was in for a surprise!! He wrote that he always liked me a bit! I was shocked....and yet, not! My friend and I had suspected that he still has feelings for me! But, I never expected for him to actually tell me! I was shocked....and I still am!

This scenario had also happen to me again in the 8th grade. His name is Kyle Scruggs! Like Andrew, he is also a grade younger than me! Nobody liked him in band besides me! People would make fun of him, and I would always stick up for him! People then started telling me that Kyle liked me! I didn't believe first! Like Andrew, sometimes Kyle would annoy me....simply because he was latched onto me! I was his only friend....literally! But, all-in-all, he was sweet and nice! Then, at the last day of school, he told me that he had a surprise for me, but he wouldn't tell me what it was! As he was walking me down the hallway, I was getting really impatient and I asked him what my surprise was! He turned to me and said, "I love you!" Then, we both left for class! I remember being completely stunned....{chuckle} and I still am!!

These 2 guys will always have a special place in my heart! I will, actually, I do miss them dearly and hope that their dreams and wishes do come true!! And I hope they'll find their soul mate along the way! Of course, I do have both of them on MySpace, so I will make sure that I keep in contact with them both. Take care Andrew and Kyle!!

{chuckle} I question my love life sometimes. Honestly! For these two scenarios to just occur like that, makes me wonder for the future! Will my Senior year in High School be the same as my Freshman year?! I hope not! It was fun chasing Alex Bradly all school year....but, I actually want a relationship here! But, I really do think that Allah has already planned out my soul mate....and, I think I know who it is! But, I'm definitely not sure! Until then, I'll just be waiting and living life to the fullest!! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Speak well of your friend in public; admonish him in private.

Your "Ironic" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Story Behind Me and Alex Kalos

What Up Peeps!!!

So, for the longest time, I had promised to tell you all about my crush this year: Alex Kalos. And now, I have the time to sit down with you and elaborate over this guy. Alright, so it all happened in my English class! He's also in 2 other classes of mine: Pre-Calc and Spanish. Alex was in my pod 1st semester. (There were 4 people in each pod in the classroom.) I was normally quiet in this pod of mine because Alex and the two other people in my pod knew each other really well. As the days grew by, I had noticed that I wasn't the only silent lamb in the pod. Alex is really quiet. He doesn't talk much.....that's what makes him such a mystery to me. I had come to find out that he has a great sense of humor!! And boy! Does he have a deep voice or what?! I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by him at first.

I had then started developing a crush on Alex. I didn't mean for it to happen....believe me! I had then started to observe him! Now, I know what you're thinking!! But trust me, I'm not a stalker! I promise! I just wanted to know a little bit more about him....without humiliating myself to talking to him! So, I found out that he's a football player! Yeah. A jock if you will! His jersey # is 32. For the simple fact of him actually being a football player, I knew instantly that I had no chance with him! But, my heart just wouldn't give up on him. When I couldn't keep the secret, of me liking him, to myself, I had decided to tell him in person about how I felt about him! Now Peeps, you know the history of me giving my crushes 'The Note'. So, I had decided to take a different route this time!!

Let me tell you, Peeps, that I had some real bolts to go and tell Alex to meet me at the library! When he came to the library, he smiled at me! I gave him a weary smile...fear was written all over my face! When he sat down, I took one big breath and looked mostly at my hands....and.....I told him! It's funny to me now because I remember telling it to him really fast! I was nervous, let me tell ya that much! After I was done, I looked up at Alex and he was utterly speechless. Noticing this, I had told him that he can take his time on answering me back! He took that option and he had said that we will still be friends.....

Weeks went by, and I got no answer from him! So....I went to plan B. Plan B was to flirt and talk to Alex with every chance I got! It was hard because I could barely look at him in his eyes....they were too beautiful for me to stare at. But once again, I grew a pair and did what I had to do. I remembered one time that the playoffs for my football team was on a Friday night. Come 6th hour, I wished Alex good luck for the playoffs! He was definitely shocked by this, but, gracefully he said, "Thanx!" {chuckling} I'm now realizing what a complete fool I was! I wanted to be Alex's girlfriend sooo bad....

Pretty soon, 2 months went by, and still no answer from Alex. I was starting to get really impatient with him....and quite frankly, it was starting to turn me off. So, I wrote Alex a note and gave it to him right before Winter Break. {sorry! I really don't remember what I put in that note! I must've blanked it out of my memory!} During Winter Break, I had told myself that if Alex didn't right me back, I had to stop liking him! Sure enough, after Winter Break, I received no letter from him. It was at this time that I saw Andy Samberg and devoted my crush to him! I no longer had a crush on Alex. We never spoke to each other....nor even paid attention to each other! I honestly thought that he was mad at me! It was a silent compromise.....

Come May, someone decided to break that compromise! Don't look at was Alex! During Pre-Calc, I wanted to know if my answer was right. So, I went up to my teacher and asked her if it was right. Then, Alex said, "The answers are right here"-in a helpful tone. When Alex said this, I gotta admit, I was confused. And quite frankly, I didn't like it at all! What happened to the silent compromise?! Why is he talking to me?!-I thought. About 2 weeks later, I had decided to ask Alex if he could sign my yearbook. (Every year, I try to get my biggest crush to sign my yearbook. It's a tradition of mine!) And....he signed my yearbook. In it, he wrote: Saidah, I hope you exceed in life and achieve your goals. Kalos

When I read this, I smiled. But, it was a confused smile. Maybe we didn't have a silent compromise after all! Maybe....maybe he wasn't mad at me all this time. What he wrote had made me curious.....but, satisfied all at once. After he signed my yearbook, he asked, "So, you got published on here?" I said proudly, "Mm-hm. Actually, I got published 3 times!!" Then, he said, "Wow! That's pretty cool!" Then I said, "Thanx!" (I was super shocked at this time because I was looking at him in the eyes as we spoke! I didn't drool as I stared into his eyes!) And that, Peeps, was the very last words we had said to each other. You know, I'm not sad by that at all. Because at least we ended the year in good terms! I'm pretty happy about that! Well, Peeps, there you have it! Now you know why I had decided that from now on to let love find me! Wish me luck on that journey!! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Before you wonder "Am I doing things right, " ask "Am I doing the right things?"

Your "Satisfied" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Monday, 19 April 2010

Benediction and 2-Year Anniversary

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem was written by James Berry. I really like this poem. It's a poem that gives thanks to the things we take advantage of. It's a calm poem that makes everyone take a step back and say, "Wow! That's pretty deep...." So, here's James Berrys' poem called, "Benediction". Enjoy!

Thanks to the ear
that someone may hear

Thanks to seeing
that someone may see

Thanks to feeling
that someone may feel

Thanks to touch
that someone may be touched

Thanks to flowering of white moon
and spreading shawl of black night
holding villages and cities together

Written By: James Berry
Selected By: Saidah Wilson
So, what did you guys think about this poem?! My favorite part was the last stanza! You can actually imagine the sky covering over the cities and villages! I thought that was pretty nice! If you have a poem that you really like and you want it shown here, on my blog, contact me through my e-mail:
or, if you go to my school, which is currently North Canyon High School, you know that you can always talk to me about it!

Today marks the 2nd-Anniversary for this blog!!! It's been 2 years that I've had this blog now!! Wow! So much has happened in soo little time!! Let's take a look back on this year:
  • MY CELEBRITY CRUSHES: Well, as you know, there's been numerous this year! From April 12th, 2009-July 10th, 2009, I had a HUGE crush on Dev Patel! He played in the phenomenal movie Slumdog Millionaire! After seeing that movie, my heart throbbed for that boy! But, later on, I found out that he was, and still is, dating his former co-star Freida Pinto. She is incredibly gorgeous and I knew I couldn't top, I moved on. It was from July 14th, 2009-August 29th, 2009, that I fell in love with Scott Michael Foster. He currently plays in the hit T.V show called Greek. I remembered when I first laid eyes on him. It was in a magazine of mine. {chuckle} And when I gazed at him, I instantly melted. But, then something had happened. I guess my hormones had exploded at the time because I not only fell in love with Scott, I also fell in love with 2 other guys!! So, from September 1st, 2009-October 19th, 2009, I had fallen in love with not just Scott, but Josh Hutcherson and Jackson Ryan Hurst! Boy! Was my hormones go'n crazy then or what?! LOSNL!!! From September 2nd, 2009-October 24th 2009, I added Taylor Lautner into my celebrity crush list!!! You can imagine how crazy I was when I saw New Moon!! {chuckle} I was practically drooling just looking at Taylor Lautner SHIRTLESS!!! Then, I started to lose interest in Jackson Ryan Hurst and Scott Michael Foster......and added 2 more guys into the list!!! It was from October 26th 2009-December 19th 2009, Gerard Butler and Jamie Kennedy came into my eyes!!! I only had liked Jamie Kennedy because he looked like my crush at school!!! And Gerard Butler?! Who wouldn't fall for his sexy accent and buff body?! LOSNL!! Then, from December 20th, 2009-December 30th, 2009, I fell in love with James Maslow! He's in the hit Nickelodeon T.V show called Big Time Rush! I thought he was more cute than anything!!! He has such beautiful joke!! It was then that I stopped having a crush on Jamie Kennedy and Gerard Butler......and added someone else to the list!!! His name is......Andy Samberg!! It started off as just a crush for me....but, little did I know that it was about to get serious! Once January had hit, I no longer had a crush on James Maslow and Taylor eyes were set on Andy!!
  • MY SCHOOL CRUSHES: This school year was very different for me. I only had one major crush this year and his name is Alex Kalos! I can't tell you what happened between me and him until later. I want to use a FULL post about him. I did have a couple of little crushes like John and Tanner. John was in my American History class and was always quiet and always had his earphones in his ears. I only talked to him once....sadly. I never told him that I liked him and he never knew. {sigh} He was soo darn cute!!! I couldn't resist taking a peek at him during lectures and work. And as for Tanner, he was in my Physics class. I have spoken to him a lot more than John. Tanner is really cute and has gorgeous eyes. He is really funny too! One time, he was my lab partner, and all I did was keep my focus on him!! LOSNL!!
  • MY FAMILY: My parents are doing well. Every now-and-then, they'll argue...but, they seem to get over it really quickly! They work constantly and are just getting by. Jabari has gotten even more hard-headed than ever before. He's talking really well though and loves to watch Nick Jr. My sister and I have gotten really close this year. Our friendship gets stronger everyday. We all just recently moved and have cooperated to get this house together and are getting accustomed to it. Next stop to get accustomed to is Millennium High School!!
  • ME: O wow! Now it's my turn! Well, for starters, I have changed dramatically this year. Andy Samberg has influenced me a ton!! He's changed my lingo completely!!! I now say words like "Legit", "Ka-Blamo", "Cool-Beans", "LOSNL", "OMSNL", "Perfecto", etc! Along with Andy, having to deal with Alex Kalos has changed me alot as well. I am learning how to let love find me....instead of the other way around. I am learning how to accept who I am and love myself for it! I have become this strong, confident young woman who knows how and when to focus and who cares for her friends and family deeply! Most importantly, I have learned about myself this year. I have seeked my strengths and weaknesses and have learned to embrace them both. I'm very proud of myself and of what I've become!

Thank you Peeps for spending another year with me and watching me grow. I greatly appreciate it! Hopefully, we'll spend many more years together in the near future!! Take care Peeps and I'll talk to you guys later!! HAPPY 2ND-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

*Remember*~Praise is the best diet for us, after all.

Your "Growing Up" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

These 2 pictures are of me when

I was a Sophmore in High School.

This was when I had those paper-
thin glasses! LOSNL!! And these
pictures was taken BEFORE I got
my haircut. This next picture was
taken in the parking lot in front of
the Paradise Valley Mall area. As
you can see, this was taken in the
evening--->when the sun was setting.
This picture is soo beautiful!! It is soo
beautiful when the sun sets out here
in Arizona~a truly remarkable sight!
This next picture is of the cresent of
the moon. Can you see it?
It is really far away. And I think
that's a star next to the cresent
moon. If not, then it was an
airplane flying by! I hope you
enjoyed these pictures!! There's
still loads left to come!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Rent is Up

What Up Peeps!!!

The rent is up for the house that I'm living in right now. We're in the process of packing things up. (very slowly, that is!) We have to be out of this house by the end of May-which is perfect timing because that's when me and Dizz get out of school. About a month-to 2 months ago, we were filled with "showings" for this house. A showing is when you let a family schedule in time to come see your house to see if they want dibbs on it next! {chuckle} I hated showings!!! It would always be after school, and that's when I'm busy doing homework and studying! It was awful. But, now the showings have slowed down and now we're looking for a house! There's a house literally 2 doors down that is up for grabs! There's also another house up for grabs....only it's across the street in our development. (We live in a gated community! When I first moved to this house, I thought that people living in this development were rich!) My parents are still deciding on which house to take.

Wow! This house is full of memories that are too strong to just let go. This was the house where I was finally over Bhavin-who is now my ex, but is still my friend. This was the house that I came home to when I was going through that whole "Alex Kalos Phase". (I'll tell you about that later.) {chuckle} This was the house where I had a crush on Gerard Butler, Jamie Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Scott Michael Foster, Jackson Hurst, Seth Green, and now Andy Samberg!! {tear} This was the house where I found out that Michael Jackson had passed away. My family had gathered around in the family room and we saw Michael Jackson's tribulation-which was aired WORLDWIDE. This was the house that I got my very first laptop at! This is the house where I've become stronger and have grown up since the first time I came here! This is the house where me and Dizz had watched SNL and have become a big fan of it! This is the house where me and Dizz had listened to our The Lonely Island CD and the Hot Rod soundtrack on FULL BLAST and danced to it in the family room while our parents were at work! This is the house where Dizz and I have become close in our sister-relationship! This house holds soo many memories......

Now that I think about it, I'm really going to miss this house! The good news is that I'm going to be in a new house soon where I can make even MORE memories! It's funny how many memories one contains in one lifetime. Memories of experience, love, life, and most importantly-happiness. I think I'm ready to open up my memory box for this next house! And I'll make sure that you'll be part of the fun!

Well Peeps, I'm trying very hard to make more blog posts for you guys! I've literally been busy with school! Let me tell you, if you're in AP, JUNIOR year is the hardest year of high school! I know because I'm in AP and it's been a hectic year for me!! But, the school year is almost over and I'm friggin excited about it!! Well Peeps, I better go! I'll talk to you guys later!

*Remember*~Before an evening of romance, turn off the cell phone.

Your "Moving Along" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

Thursday, 25 February 2010


What Up Peeps!!!

As some of you may know, I have a HUGE crush on Andy Samberg! But, what you may not know is that my sister, Hanifa, has a huge crush on Andy as well! Actually, thanks to Andy Samberg, me and Hanifa's relationship has grown tighter than ever before! I would like to admit that Hanifa is my best friend! She knows me more than anyone else in the world. We grew up together for 9 years now. I say that because she is 4 years younger than me. And though siblings hardly ever get along, me and Hanifa's relationship is different! I honestly can say that I can't live without her! {chuckle} I question myself sometimes. Wondering how the heck I had lived my life for 4 years without Hanifa! 4 YEARS!!! That's too long for me! But, of course, the situation was that I am my parents first-born child. For those 4 years, I had never thought of having another sibling in my life. Boy, was I in for a surprise!!

Now-a-days, on the weekends, me and Hanifa LOVE to watch Hot Rod and SNL together! We also love to listen to The Lonely Island and our Hot Rod soundtrack! Basically, ANYTHING having to deal with Andy Samberg, we love to watch it together! Me and Hanifa has grown such a special bond that we have created nicknames for each other! My nickname is "Swirlz" and Hanifa's is "Dizz"! Every now-and-then, we'll refer to each other as "Kimosaby" from the hit SNL Digital Short: Laser Cats 5. Also, me and Dizz really want to become famous! Of course, you guys have always known that I want to become a famous singer and poet. But, Dizz wants to be a comedian/actress/cellist. We both want to appear on SNL! Well, I just want to host SNL while Dizz wants to be part of the cast of SNL! Me and Dizz love to hang out and have fun. (well, that's a given!) We pretty much love to do everything together!!

I would like to take a moment to thank Allah for having Hanifa come into my life and being my sister!! Allah only knows what my life would have been like without her! {chuckle} She brings out the 'fun' in me! I'm soo thankful to have her in my life! And I'd like to proudly state that she will be in high school with me NEXT YEAR!! Though I will be a Senior and she will be a Freshman, we will hang out together like there's no tomorrow. Our school WILL know who the Wilson sisters are come next year. LOSNL!! I can't wait!!

Text ColorSo, I ask you today if you could ever imagine yourself and your sibling being best friends?! Though it may sound weird, it is possible! I do see myself, 10 years from now, hanging out with Dizz just like now-a-days. I am very glad to have her!!

*Remember*~There's a witness in every footstep you take.

Your "Thankful" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A. ~Mrs. Samberg~

Sunday, 24 January 2010

In Love With The Enemy (An Archetypes Poem)

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: This poem was made when I was a a Freshmen in High School. It was about my first high school crush! Ah yes. I remember it now. His name was Alex Bradley. At the time, I had a HUGE celebrity crush on Mitchel Musso....and I was utterly convinced that Alex looked just like him! {He really does though! No lie!} {reminiscing} I remember telling him that I liked him....and he turned me down-TWICE!! Yeah. I liked that boy twice in one year-that's how hot I thought he was! I wrote this poem after ONE of the rejections! (I honestly can't remember which rejection it was! Freshmen year was a blur to me!) This is my first Archetypes poem I have ever written. So, here's the poem, "In Love With The Enemy". Enjoy!!
In Love With
The Enemy
(An Archetypes Poem)

When I first met you,
You were truly blue.

I thought you were my
rising sun, my garden, my tree
My ultimate remedy.

But now,
You are black.

You are now the desert,
the serpent, the Fall.
I can only call you by

When I seek to find green
and white,
You're nowhere in sight;
You are out of my light.

You have decided to be
My tyren.

You're the devil, the traitor,
the evil genius.
Kind of like Oedipus.

But, for some reason,
I still love you!

How can I be in love
with the enemy?
Am I too blind to see,
That you're clearly way too
mean to me?
Is it because you're my Sea?
Timelessness and eternity?

I guess it's because you're
The Devil.

You are the charming fiend,
You give people what you
think they deserve.

And I....
I am the librarian.
And the nurturer.

The devil and the librarian can
never mix.
You can question this,
just for kicks!

So now,
I must move on from this
I feel sick
From this pick
That I once called
My Love.

So Long,
My Love,
My Enemy,
My Devil,
My So-Called Best Friend,

So Long

Written By:
Saidah Wilson A.K.A Mrs. Musso

Dedicated To:
Alex Bradley A.K.A
Oliver, A.K.A
My 1st High School Crush
So, what did you think about the poem? Pretty raw feelings there, huh? Yeah. It was evident that I still loved him after I wrote this poem. My feelings were soo strong for Alex back then, that I lost sight of the big picture there! He literally took advantage of me because I liked him soo much! No matter how much he had made me mad, my hormones had found another way for me to forgive and like him again. But, this poem is very deep. I love the language I had used throughout this poem! And I was a Freshmen who wrote this! That's pretty good....if I do say so myself! I like how in the end, I say, "So Long" twice. This corresponds to me not really wanting to say good-bye to Alex, my enemy, but, my concious tells me over and over again that it's for the best! The similies and metaphors are perfect to a tea in this poem!

This poem was written when I was in Shadow Mountain. I've moved since then-to a new house and school! Me and Alex Bradley are friends on MySpace. And last time I saw him was last January during Honor Band. I'll admit-when I saw him, I had then remembered why I had fallen for him twice in one year! Yes-I still do have a crush on him! And I always will, whether I like it or not because Alex is my 1st High School Crush-there will ALWAYS be a liking for my 1st High School Crush! I haven't seen nor talked to him since then. But, hopefully I can chat with him soon on MySpace!

Well Peeps, I better go! The goal for this year is to get you guys up-to-date on my life because there's still loads of things that I have to talk to you about! I'll talk to you guys later!

*Remember*~Mental activity keeps you busy at this time.

Your "Reminicent" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs. Samberg~

This picture below is of my

backyard, looking up! Once again,

I was addicted to taking pictures

of the sun! LOL!!

Isn't it beautiful?! This next
picture is of our orange tree,
up close. Some of the oranges
that you will see are green
because they are not ripe yet!

Believe it or not, but this orange

tree inspired me to name my blog

after it! Now, these next 2 pictures

was obviously taken when I was

bored! Can you guess what these

images are?!

If you think that these 2 pictures

are of my eye in the dark, then

you're right! Like I said, I was

very bored that day and decided

to experiment! LOL!! I guess I was

right-my eyes are brown in lighting!