Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Dev Patel!!; Happy 1-Year Anniversary; Celebration For the 50th Blog Post!!!

What Up Peeps!!!

There is a lot to celebrate today, Peeps!! I am completely and utterly excited about this blog post!! So, let's get started on celebrating!!!

First and foremost, I would like to wish an actor from the unforgettable movie, Slumdog Millionaire, a happy birthday today!! His name is Dev Patel-who plays the character Jamal in the 8 Academy Award winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire!!! Today, Dev has turned 19 years old!!! I would personally like to say, "Happy 19th birthday Dev Patel!!! You did an amazing job on Slumdog Millionaire!!! I can't wait to see you in the next upcoming movie, The Last Airbender!!! You are a brilliant actor and I am now one of your biggest fans!!! Keep up the good work!! I do hope and pray that I get to meet you in person!!! I hope you have a great 19th birthday!!! Take care!!!"

Happy 1-Year Anniversary!!! Technically, the one year anniversary was on Sunday the 19th. But, I was a bit busy on Sunday to write this blog post!! The 19th was, indeed, the day that marked the fact that it's been a WHOLE year since I created this blog!! Can you believe it? {chuckle} I remember that during my first blog post ever, I had a crush on Mitchel Musso!! I also remember that I was a freshman back then as well!! Wow!! I've grown up since then, haven't I Peeps? Let's take a moment to reminance over what has happened to me since my first blog post:

  • MY CELEBRITY CRUSHES: From April 19th-June 10th 2008, I had a major crush on the actor/singer Mitchel Musso. He stars in the show Hannah Montana and has a movie out that premieres on Disney Channel called Hatching Pete. After seeing the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I had found new love. From June 11th 2008-April 11th 2009, I had a huge crush on the British actor Ben Barnes. *GASP* I sort of let the cat out of the bag!! You have just found out that I have a NEW celebrity crush!!! But, I won't tell you who it is just yet!!! See if you can guess who it is!! (Hint: He is Indian-but, has a British accent!)
  • MY SCHOOL CRUSHES: I remember that my first high school crush was Alex Bradley A.K.A Oliver!! {chuckle} I swear, he looks just like Mitchel Musso!! Come to find out, I had a crush on him (Alex Bradley) TWICE last year!! It was in the beginning and towards the end of the school year!! It never worked out between us! We were just good as friends!! Now, we are frienemies!! Last time I had seen him was like, I think, in January!! We like to be competitive with each other!! And between you and me, Peeps, I still think he looks sexy!! Then, there was Chris Moore!! *sigh* He is such a great guy-he really is!! He has the sexiest blue eyes I had ever seen!! And I personally thought that he looked like Shia LaBough. I had liked Chris during Thanksgiving Break....and it carried on until about April! We were really great as friends, I think! I need to get back in contact with him soon! I haven't talked to him or seen him since last year. And then we have Adam Silverman! I must've tried to find another crush to get over Alex Bradley because it was an embarrassing ordeal between me and Adam! What had happened was that right before Spring Break, I had given him a note telling him how I felt. After Spring Break, he never returned my note nor talked to me about the situation. I had assumed that that's his way of saying that he just think that we should just be friends. But, boy was I embarrassed. I had actually thought that I had a chance with Adam. Thankfully, I didn't make that crush a HUGE deal in my life. And now, we're up to this years' crushes!! There are two people that I did go out with this year! (One was Andrew Craven-you know him. But, the other one, I will tell you about in a couple of blog posts from now!) This year, I mainly had an "opened-mind" on guys. Meaning, I just focused on school work and if I felt that there was a certain guy that I thought liked me, then I'd focus somewhat on that guy!!
  • MY FAMILY: When I had started this blog, my family was at a very rocky road! It had all started on May 9, 2008. My dad had went back to Indiana for about a month and 4 days!! It was a temporary separation between my parents!! I was devastated!! I would NEVER want to go back to that day!! I had literally felt like I was in The Twilight Zone!! My dad did come back though. It was on Father's Day weekend!! My whole family was ecstatic-including my baby brother, Jabari, who was only 2 years old then!! It was completely amazing!! And then, the unthinkable had happened. My dad had somehow found out that my mom was DATING another guy while he was gone!! *sigh* The whole family was crumbling down even more!! My dad was soo upset, that he went so far as to rent a condo for the next couple of months!! But, something had pulled my parents aside. Something that would make my parents forget about divorce and moving out!! What was it?-you ask. It was simple: Money!! We became flat broke!! So broke to the fact that my mom had to ask her friend for about, I think it was $200, just so that way she could feed us at home!! It was a nightmare!! Now, my family has bonded even more since that time!! We had just recently moved to a new house and my parents are getting along quite well!! In fact, I don't think 'divorce' is in their brains at all now!! Which is good because happy parents make happy children!! LOL!!
  • ME: I have grown tremendously since my first blog you can tell!! My diction has become evident and progressed. I am now allowed to fast because I'm 16 years old!! Since I've started fasting, I see life differently now. I've matured since my first blog post. I've been through some really rough situations this year that's made me valiant and confident in myself. I have also grown to appreciate and love poetry even more than I ever did before!! I don't know if I'm a natural born poet....but, I am striving to be one as we speak!! Poetry has somehow become my diary entries!! Every time I write a poem, I pour my whole heart and soul into it. I treat each and every one of my poems as my very own baby!! I treat it with my utmost respect and care for my poems with great passion. If that's not full dedication, I don't know what is!! Of course, I'm still single! But, I've had numerous crushes along the way! LOL!!

Be excited Peeps!!! This is the 50th blog post!!!! This is a great celebration to be a part of!!! Make sure you tell your friends, family, and people who you don't even know {chuckle} about this blog post!! Thank you Peeps for all of your love and support!!! I love you all!!! ;-)

*Remember*~From a past misfortune, good luck will come to you.

Your "Growing Up" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson A.K.A Latika (That's a hint of who my next celebrity crush is!!)