Saturday, 22 July 2017

What's Under The Naked Eye

What’s Under The Naked Eye

Have you ever noticed that
they’re everywhere?

As you drive
to get to work,
you see how popular they are
with the advertisement companies.

Even when you
go on vacation,
you succumb to
their irresistible power. 

Your friends and family
encourage them-
when they, themselves, don’t know
who they really are. 

They’re billionaires-
no, trillionaires
and are successful at
what they do. 

They lurk at your parties
and even some weddings. 

They wear different
types of clothing
and even have
different names. 

They surprisingly don’t
expire-I mean die.

Even when you’ve used
your own personal weapon,
and thought you’ve killed them,
they’re still there…


They distract and
prohibit us from achieving
our goals and dreams. 

They’re genetically enhanced.
It took more
than 2 people
for them to be conceived.

They look attractive;
but standing next to us,
we’re the old, cranky, and
slow ones. 

We even work for them.
We will forever be their
slaves as we persuade to them
with our O Mighty Dollar. 

And boy!
Do they love that
O Mighty Dollar! 
This is what they
feed off of.
This is their food. 

You can’t go against them.
Not even one.

You wanna know why?

Your friends and family
would be right there
by their side,
oblivious to their addicting seduction. 

These Monsters.
They’re everywhere.


These Monsters do
have another name.

They prefer to be called
Fast Food