Sunday, 20 December 2009

FINALS are FINALLY over!! (for now!)

What Up Peeps!!!

So, last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, North Canyon High School had to take finals. Ugh! I hate taking the finals!! It always causes stress, tiredness, and premature gray hair!! And we have to do this twice every school year. Yeah. It gets really old, really quick!! Some students go on a rampage about either that class or not even caring about their finals and just winging it!! But, this year, for me, I cared A LOT about my finals!!! The 2 classes that I needed the most studying in was Physics and American History!!

So, I began a long journey of studying my butt off on Tuesday night and Wednesday night!! On Tuesday night, I started studying for my English and Physics final. I had studied from 9 p.m-1 a.m. I call it a "half all-nighter"! Come Wednesday, I was pumped and ready for those 2 finals!! We had a half day that day, so, when I got home, I ate lunch, took a small nap and then began a LONG strenuous study session!! (Try saying that 10x fast! LOL!!) It had began from 3:30 p.m-3:00 a.m!! Some may call call me crazy, but, I call myself determined. I was EXTREMELY tired came 3 a.m. I was studying for Spanish, American History, and Pre-Calc. I had literally given up at 3:00 a.m and had forced myself to get some sleep before my alarm clock would go off at 4:50 a.m for me to get ready for school! When I got to school on Thursday morning, I was ready for ANYTHING to come my way!! Determination and nervousness were the only 2 emotions that I felt throughout these 2 days!! Being a teenager, having JUST 2 emotions, and no more, at the same time is a rare occasion. It's practically a blessing!! But, were these 2 emotions worth it?!

Peeps, did you think ALL of that studying was necessary for a smart girl like me?! {chuckle} If you ask me, I would've looked at you and smiled and said, "You can NEVER study enough for a particular subject in life, because there's a lot to learn in each subject! So many details left out of this textbook and that textbook! We must continue to study to enrich our knowledge and bring forth NEW theories to test!" Do you want to know what my final results were?! Here they are:

Subject,Final, Semester Grade:

IB Spanish 5, 82.00 B, 88.04 B
AP English Lang 5, 74.00 C, 83.02 B
Amer History 1, 85.00 B, 81.32 B
Pre-Calc Hon 1, 92.00 A ,86.90 B
Physics 1, 69.00 D, 76.56 C

So, did I study hard enough?! I think my quarter grades had helped out my Physics grade A LOT!! So, I had passed Science this quarter with a C instead of a D-like last year!! Thank Allah!! It was a lot of stress-I'm not gonna lie!! And with this premature gray hair on my bangs, I have a nice momentum from this experience! I had learned a very valuable lesson so far this year: focus on your QUARTER grades so that way you don't have to be too stressed out come finals! It'll help you out in the long run! Well Peeps, I gotta go!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

*Remember*~Your most memorable dream will come true.

Your "Excited" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A Mrs. Butler/Kennedy/Lautner/Maslow (Yeah. I don't have a surreal crush on Josh Hutcherson anymore!! What can I say, my hormones are picky!! LOL!!)