Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Untold Story Behind Me and Andrew Craven

What Up Peeps!!!

So, I had somehow left you out of "the loop" of my love life. I do apologize greatly for that, Peeps! Honest-to-truth, I have been very busy lately with my schooling and the average "typical drama" for a 16 year-old. Well, today, I want to take the time to fill you in on one of my past boyfriends!! {chuckle} Yeah, there's been more than one this past school year. His name is Andrew Craven! Remember him?! I had only mentioned him to you about 2 times. Well, when we were going out.....it really didn't feel like we were going out. That was the MAIN reason why I had broken up with him after 2 months of us going out. We never went anywhere together. We didn't hold hands or even hug for that matter. It was a very "Rated G" relationship.

But, there was a good side to having Andrew as my boyfriend. We would always send messages to each other through MySpace and had texted each other every day. That was our communication!!! It kinda bugged me that we didn't meet up during lunch times. I remember it now. I was always sitting by myself for about half of lunch period, and then the second half, my friends would show up and we'd hang out for the remainder of the lunch period. To put it plainly-our relationship went NOWHERE!!! It was boring!!! We acted more like friends towards each other than acting like we were going out!!! Then, something had happened!! A guy came up to me after band one day and had CONFESSED his love for me!!! That guy's name was Bhavin. (I promise I will tell you all about him next blog entry!!) After he told me, I was completely shocked!! No one has ever come up to me before and told me personally that they have a crush on me!!! And, the funny thing about it was that he knew that I was "going out" with Andrew!! So, what was I to do?!

I did what any desperate girl who needs love would do. I said yes to Bhavin! EVEN THOUGH I was still going out with Andrew!! Now, before you throw your hands up in the air and call me a "cheater", just know this one thing: I was planning on breaking up with Andrew the next day. But, fate had other plans for me....or Andrew. He was sick that next day and for the rest of the week. Now Peeps, you can throw your hands up in the air and call me a "cheater" because I ended up breaking up with Andrew once he came back to school that next week. But, word must've got out of me breaking up with Andrew that day because right when I came up to him, with my speech ready, to break up with him, he told me that he already knew because someone had told him. (What?! I may have told a few people beforehand that I was going to break up with Andrew that day! Like, I don't know, a whole class worth!!!) I had asked him if he was sad about it and he said that he wasn't. He said that our relationship was NO BIG DEAL!!!

No big deal?! Geez, that was harsh!! I at least thought that we had a little connection in our relationship! So, that was it on me and Andrew's relationship. We are now currently friends, and me and my friend, Kelsey Abel, thinks that he still likes me!! Earlier this year, I was considering asking Andrew back out-but, my friends had pleaded me not to!!! (They all hate him!!! They all think he's annoying.) Sometimes, in Marching Band, he does get on my nerves....but, I've learned to realize that that's just how Andrew is, and I have to accept that!! Well Peeps, that's it on the untold story between me and Andrew Craven!! I gotta go!! I'll talk to you guys later!!!

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Your "Always In Love" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson A.K.A Mrs. SMF/Hutcherson/Hurst/Lautner