Saturday, 4 April 2009

Chemistry and English class

What Up Peeps!!!

As the year is progressing, so is my struggle in Chemistry class!! If any of you Peeps has done Chemistry class, you can understand my frustration!! First of all, I HATE Chemistry!! (As you can see in my profile!) I despise Chemistry with a passion!! And for the simple fact that I have to stay in Chemistry for this last quarter of the year, makes me want to cry in my sleep!! So far, this whole year, I've been getting a 'D' in this class!! That just goes to show how much I hate Chemistry!! For one thing, it is a very hard class to take-especially if it's an HONORS class!! I mean, you have to know the trends of the periodic table, mass-mass equations, oxidation numbers, formulas-and that's not even the half of it!!! It's soo confusing and boring!! I have to MAKE myself like this class!! I had just recently written a poem about Chemistry class!! It's really funny! For any of you who hate Chemistry, then this is the poem for you!! I will most likely show you that poem sometime in the near future!!

Then there's English class!! I honestly love this class. Right now, we are reading a book called Tess of d'Uberville! It's a really good book so far! I'm still in Phase 1 of the book. I'm to where Tess meets Mr. Alec. And between you and me, Peeps, something is not right with Mr. Alec! He seems to be hitting on Tess every minute!! He could possibly win the title of being a womanizer!! We are also getting into the story of Macbeth! I'm not sure what it's about yet because we just got into it yesterday! But, it sound good so far! Along with these classical readings, we also are in the middle of a research project! This is the only part of English class that I do not like! We have to research our literary genre that we picked! And my genre is the Mystery Genre! I'm using my favorite book, Holes, by Louis Sachar, to help support my thesis of this genre! So far, I'm coming along quite well with my research. Our rough draft is due on the 17th of this month. I literally can't wait for this date to come because it means that I'll be done with the research paper for a while!

Well, Peeps, that's it on the 411 of my Chemistry and English class! This quarter will fly by faster than I already know it! I best be going now-for that research paper is calling me to go finish it! I'll talk to you Peeps next time!!

*Remember*~There is always a next time! :-)

Your "Striving Through" Friend,

Saidah Kamaria Wilson A.K.A Princess Caspian

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Here's my poster of The Chronicles

of Narnia: Prince Caspian!!! (you

have to turn sideways for this


Here's an up-close picture of

Ben Barnes in this poster!!!

This next picture is of a nice

vase with beautiful flowers in
it!!! This ensemble is on a ledge
by the stairs in my house!!!

This next picture was set in

my back yard!!! This tree stump
(shown below) was in our backyard
before we rented the house!! I
find this tree stump to be very
capturing to a human eye!!