Saturday, 23 July 2011

Red Rose

What Up Peeps!!!

POEM BACKGROUND: I had written this poem when I was a Sophomore in High School. It was during this time I had my first Arizona boyfriend. You know him as Andrew Craven. Here's the poem "Red Rose"! Enjoy!!


Red Rose

Thorns to protect you
from harm~
I am you.

Needs sunlight and water
to live~
I am you.

Needs attention from
it's features~
I am you.

Needs love and care~
I am you.

Has sprouted coils of
red pedals~
I am you.

Is a symbol of
love and beauty~
I am you.

Is now full of
color and life~
I am you.

Is now in love~
I am finally you.

Written By:
Saidah Kamaria Wilson
~Princess Caspian~


Thoughts? I had found this poem of mine super cute! But, to be perfectly honest with you, all my life, I've never truly been in love before. So, what I thought was love in this poem, is just infatuation and hormones. {Oui! There go them hormones again!} Me and Andrew had broken up after two months of going out. I broke it off because our relationship was going nowhere!

As of right now, I have Andrew on my FB. We talk occasionally. We remain really good friends! I gotta say, out of all the boyfriends that I've had {ahem, 3 in total}, I can honestly say that me and Andrew's relationship remains strong and untainted. And I'm thankful for that!

Status Update: OMSNL!!! I'm addicted to Cinemagraphs!!! ;-)

Well Peeps! I gotta go! Stay Sweet!!

*Remember*~If you want it....take it.

Your "Obsessed With Love" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~OFFICIAL Mrs. Samberg~