Saturday, 19 February 2011

During our trip to Flagstaff
2 years ago, I had taken pictures
of the scenery with the snow! Here
is a picture of snow starting to
form rapidly:

I like how this picture forms
a diagonal type shape across
the frame! It's quite nice!
Here's this same picture, only
in a Tileable Blur setting (RLE):

This setting blured the picture
horizontally! This next picture
is also of snow on the ground-
only this time, it's much thicker:

O how this it was!! LOSNL!!
Here's the same picture-only
in a Antialias setting:
It doesn't look like much
has happened with this setting,
but you can tell that it's a
little different! This next
picture I had taken in the car.
You can tell because it looks
like the trees are swaying! But,
it adds a great effect to it:
I love this picture! It takes
the whole meaning of 'the world
is passing you by' to a whole
deeper meaning! Here's this
same picture in a Deinterlace
setting (odds):
This picture as well isn't
quite noticeable with the
change! This last set of
pictures that I wanna show
you is of a snow mound! It
practically covers a sign: was alotta snow
that day!! LOSNL!!! Here's
this same picture in a
Deinterlace setting (evens):

I hope you've enjoyed these
pictures!! There will be more
to come in the near future! ;-)