Sunday, 9 July 2017



Went missing for
several years.
Life had went through
a fermentation period. 

Where did it go?
Who authorized it to leave?

Autopilot became
a regular thing.
Smiling on the outside-
but dying a little more each day.

Watching it in everyone else,
but it had left me,
or I had left it
years ago.

Faith and Spirit crushed
as Autopilot succeeds.
Stuck in a hole that was
never once foretold.

No ladder,
No rope.

As I’m in this hole,
my shoes start to sink
into this mud filled
with maggots and worms.

This thing that
I had lost is so far gone
to the point where
I can’t see it.

I can’t feel it.
I can’t even conceive it anymore.

Is it completely gone?
Is it near?

Please come back to me.

I think
I might
have lost it.

I lost my dream.