Wednesday, 31 March 2010

These 2 pictures are of me when

I was a Sophmore in High School.

This was when I had those paper-
thin glasses! LOSNL!! And these
pictures was taken BEFORE I got
my haircut. This next picture was
taken in the parking lot in front of
the Paradise Valley Mall area. As
you can see, this was taken in the
evening--->when the sun was setting.
This picture is soo beautiful!! It is soo
beautiful when the sun sets out here
in Arizona~a truly remarkable sight!
This next picture is of the cresent of
the moon. Can you see it?
It is really far away. And I think
that's a star next to the cresent
moon. If not, then it was an
airplane flying by! I hope you
enjoyed these pictures!! There's
still loads left to come!!