Sunday, 12 September 2010

Introducing Gizzmo

What Up Peeps!!!

So, of the last two weeks of May, some weird things started to happen. My mom had found a stray dog and we kept it for 1 day. Then, my dad took it to the dog pound and me and Hanifa were honestly devastated. For those 24 hours that we had that dog, we grew attached to it. And our parents took notice of it. Me and Hanifa had begged mom and dad for us to keep it, but it was no use. Our parents both work like heck, and with me soo busy with school work, there was no way we could keep a dog. But, it turned out our parents had a surprise for us.

We ended up going to the dog pound and found plenty of cute, adorable dogs and puppies. But, my mom was on a mission. 1st of all, she didn't want a female dog-she wanted a male one. (And I can see why. Female dogs are surprisingly really aggressive.) 2nd of all, my mom didn't want a pit bull or a lab. She wanted something that was small and wouldn't grow that big. So, what exactly were we looking for?-you ask. A Chihuahua.

We came across a Chihuahua-type puppy that was about 5 months old. He is black, white, and brown! He has floppy ears that flip inwards when he's asleep. It turned out that he is a Chihuahua mixed with Jack Terrier! He is soooo cute!!! I can't wait to show you guys pictures of him!! My mom, Hanifa, and I drew a name out of a hat to see what would be the puppy's name. (I had wrote "Gatsby" for my choice! I picked that name because I had recently just finished the book The Great Gatsby. Gatsby was of course my favorite character!) We ended up drawing the name "Gizzmo"-the name my mom had picked. I like the name suits him quite well!

Gizzmo is a nice, quiet puppy. He absolutely HATES being alone! Me and Hanifa spoil him rotten!! I like to call him my baby!!! He goes crazy when he smells chicken cooking from the kitchen! (What can I say? Chicken is just that good! ;-) ) He loves to roam around in the house. But, with Jabari still being young and thinking that Gizzmo is a toy, we keep Gizzmo in his cage. At night time, me and Hanifa let Gizzmo sleep with us on our beds! It's soo fun! It's like a sleep over. He loves to cuddle and sleep closer towards my face. He's very protective over our family! If someone rings the doorbell, he'll bark like crazy! He loves to be on someones lap too! O! And this is something too adorable that he does: if you are eating something, he'll come up to your feet, and sit down patiently-waiting for you to give him some food! And it sometimes works because he has those cute, puppy-dog eyes!! He also LOVES to get tummy rubs!! It's sooo cute!!! He'll just sit there and let you rub his tummy!!!

I have such a close relationship with Gizzmo!! I always can't wait to come home from school and see him. He is just such a good puppy and I love him sooo much! I just don't know how I'll handle it, going off to college without him! More importantly, how is he going to handle me being away like that?! It's obvious that Gizzmo loves me most! (Hey! What can I say?!) I'm practically his mother here!! We have such a tight bond, that he understands me! He's WAY better than our last puppy, let me tell ya that much!!! (LONG story....)

Well Peeps, hopefully I can show you guys what he looks like real soon! But, of course, I still have OTHER pictures to show you as well! I'll talk to you guys later!!

*Remember*~Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.

Your "Loving" Friend,
Saidah Kamaria Wilson, A.K.A ~Mrs.Samberg~